The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: A Few Random Thoughts

I am on my way to LA for two days of business.  Here are a few random thoughts for the road.

I wonder if BET and the English newspapers know what the term “shock jock” means?  “Jock” is a short way of saying disc jockey, a slang term of a radio personality with a music program.  The term was first applied to early morning  drive FM DJ’s who interlaced their music with ranchy comedy.

I understand that BET and the English press hate American conervatives but Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Michael Savage are not “shock jocks”.  They are right wing talk show hosts. I don’t mind liberals insulting them but can’t they be a little more creative and accurate. Of course, accuracy and creativity are not  the leftist stock and trade.

Arlen Spector and ColinPowell can believe whatever they want but they are not Conservatives. I could say I am a Democrat who is Pro Life, against big government, supports the second amendment, opposes bailouts, wants our immigration laws enforced, supports traditional marriage, and other conservative things but that  would be  moronic.

I think Sen. Spector and Alex Rodriguez have the same problem, they play for themselves and not for the team.

They are callling my flight. Gotta go. I have some great stuff coming up next week. Thanks for reading the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, tell you friends to check it out!


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