The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Banned in Britain

I have a confession to make; I am a fan of Dr. Michael Savage. Before you get all blue in the face and start screaming at me about how hateful he is I will admit sometimes he says things I don’t agree with. I didn’t agree with everything my grandmother used to say either but I never threw her under the bus when it served my purpose like a certain President of the United States. Dr. Savage sometimes uses language I find offensive but then again so do Barack Obama and a number of his friends.

It seems that Dr. Savage has been found so dangerous by the British government that he has been banned from entering the country. I have been reading a few liberal blogs today and they are ecstatically gleeful over the news. Mocking Dr. Savage and making sophomoric jokes about his birth name. These are the same creative geniuses’ who made fun of Bush’s intellect and vocabulary and the best they can do is some lame penis jokes? Instead of standing for the basic principle of freedom of speech that is included in the enumerated rights of both nations they applaud the creeping totalitarianism enabled by useful idiots like Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. Ms. Smith is a controversial figure in Great Britain and is embroiled in several scandals involving her financial dealings, spying on private citizens and attempting to revoke Habeas Corpus. If she loses her position there she might make a fine addition to the Obama Administration.

The problem I have with this move is that it is so transparently political. I doubt if Ms. Smith has ever heard a single word of Dr. Savage’s. Some underling in the liberal British government, no doubt influenced by Dr. Savage’s numerous detractors, passed the word upstairs that he was some sort of danger if he entered The United Kingdom. There is no underlying principle here. What is Ms. Jacqui Smith’s underlying reason for banning Dr. Savage? Hate speech? Then why aren’t Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton also banned for their anti Semitic remarks and fomenting of race violence? Is Michael Richards banned from shopping at Herrod’s? How about Rev. Wright? Does terrorist bomber Bill Ayers still have the privilege of visiting the clock room at the British Museum? The British certainly have the right to restrict access to their paradise of bad dentistry. I will give the Brits this; they actually enforce their immigration laws. Full marks to our Anglo-Saxon brothers and sisters on that count!

I wonder if there is any way we could ban some British citizens from the United States. My criteria would be just a shallow and unprincipled as Ms. Smith’s, based solely on my personal politics and taste. I would ban some British folks just because they are, as they say, wankers.

Number one on my list would be Russell Brand, alleged actor and comedian who I find annoying just because he is sucking air that could be running through the engine block of my SUV. We could ban all people with a title, from the Queen on down to the Third Lord of Towchester. Anyone who thinks the birth canal they were squeezed out of gives them some sort of privilege in life are the kind of folks our forefathers came here to get away from.

Finally let’s keep out the Spice Girls. No, I take it back, not all the Spice Gals just that annoying Posh Spice and her soccer playing husband. The only thing worse for the youth of American than being encouraged to play soccer is being forced to pay off the debts being run up by our current leaders.


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  1. whit says:

    via Breitbart
    It’s hard to read your banner

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