The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: That’s The Conspiracy I’m Starting!


I have had it with conspiracy theories and their proponents. I could go down the list from the brand new “9/11 was an inside job” wing nuts to the late sixties “we never landed on the moon” kooks but what’s the point. No matter how much evidence you show them or how many holes you shoot in their delusions they cling to their beliefs. Why? Because they want to believe! They have some emotional attachment to being in on the “truth.” It becomes a cult for the believers.

The people who start these wacky ideas cherry pick facts, statistics, and other information to suit their theory. If you present any facts or ideas which contradict the theory you are either too dense to see the obvious or maybe you are one of “them.”

The problem with most conspiracy theories is the incredible number of people who would have to be in on at least part of the plot to make it work.  I don’t rile up too many folks who are holding onto a recent theory so let’s look at one that has been fairly well disproved. Even as I type that line I can see the comments now when I say which theory I am about to name. The people who still think we didn’t land on the moon will go apoplectic. Look at the “we never went to the moon” theory.  Beside the three astronauts and hundreds of NASA technical personal there are camera people, set dressers, broadcast personal, and who knows how many other to put off a round the clock production for eight days. Keep in mind they would have had to repeat this process every time we did an Apollo mission.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I am starting my own conspiracy theory. I will withstand any challenge to my theory and support my theory with facts and figures. I may write a book and go on that late night wacko radio talk show with Art Bell. You ready? Here is my theory: The President is not the real Barack Obama. Look at the pictures of him from college; it’s not the same guy. A secret society of far left activist led by George Soros and Fidel Castro planted an actor in place of the real Mr. Obama twenty years ago. The real Barack Obama was kidnapped by the secret society and is now being held on a private island in the South Pacific owned by Soros. They are all in on it! Michelle, David Axelrod, Greg Holder, Joe Biden, Rev. Wright, Hugo Chavez, Bill Ayers and many more. It is a plot to change us to a world currency which would make Soros the richest man in the world. It would also give far leftist a way to take America into radical socialism. Look at how many people who could identify the real Barack Obama are now dead! His biological father dies in a car accident and his mother dies at a young age. His grandmother was going to spill the beans so she had to be eliminated! This theory also explains the reason a birth certificate can’t be produced. Wake up and see the truth! Go ahead and try to “prove” I am wrong.




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