The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Hate Mail

I am collection material for a book called, “Hate Mail from Liberals.” I always enjoy a great obscenity filled tirade devoid of any facts from a supporter of the guy who was going to change all that. Some personal threats against me and my family always lets me know I am saying the right things. The things Janet Napolitano and her backers want to silence. Those lovely folks on the left who wanted us to join in the love fest of coming together and respect for different views. Those masters of tolerance.

If you get some hate mail and you want me to include it I would love to have your submissions. I got two great ones this week. The first was written to me by a guy off his work computer. I happened to be a stockholder in that company. I wrote a response to him and pointed out that he may want to be a little cleverer about the place from where he writes and sends his hate mail. He wrote back and apologized and asked me to protect is name and place of employment. I told him I would since my intent was not to cost a guy his job but to school him on the ways of the internet. I also wanted him to know I could take a punch and still be a gentleman. 

 Today I got a letter from “Rex.” He was upset about my stance on torture. He calls himself “rex reason,” the king of reason! Imagine that! Instead of a reasoned and logical counter to my article I received the following which I publish here without correction or editing.


Are comedians supposed to be funny? Was the piece you wrote about torture supposed to be funny? Or was it a rare detour on your part to comment on a serious topic in a serious tone? Or was it supposed to be funny? Cuz it wasn’t funny, nor was it even reasonably accurate, so what exactly were you trying here? Not funny, not accurate…were you trying to be lame? Because it really is a lame piece, Jeff.

Have you ever read the U.S. Constitution? Check it out sometime, it might be illuminating to a caveman like you. You’ll find the original hanging in Dick Cheney’s bathroom, next to the toilet, on that paper roll holder hanging on the wall.

BTW, I already know your wife’s bedroom safeword. She told me that whenever you do something she doesn’t like, she calls you “faggot” and you back off.

With me, she lets me do whatever I want. No safeword. Notice any strange bruises there, bub?

Anyway, Jeff baby, work on the funny part and I might have a gig for you. My kid is turning 7 next month and we need a clown for his party. Are you available?


Here is my response to Rex:


Thanks for your contribution to my book called “Hate Mail from Liberals”. I hope you don’t mind if I include your e mail address.

I thought the word “faggot” was on the liberal banned list? Careful there Rex, Perez Hilton may show up at your house.

 Your response is typical for a leftie. No thought, just invective and ad hominem name calling. I take it from your screen name you consider yourself to be a reasonable man. You are wrong. You are an immature child. You are also a coward. A real man signs his name.

I feel nothing but sorrow for any child that has to grow up such a pitiful example of a male role model.

BTW I am forwarding you hate mail to a friend at the FBI. I consider the “bruises” comment to be a rape threat against my wife. The FBI takes anonymous cyber threats very seriously. Enjoy!

Jeffrey Jena

 I am not surprised that a liberal would not respond with intelligence and civility. What does amaze me is that they don’t see the hypocrisy of what they write.


3 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Hate Mail

  1. Jill Nelson says:


    I thought his letter, while rude, was funnier than your reply, which was kinda psycho.

  2. jeffreyjena says:

    My reply was not intended to be funny. Strange how you see violence against women and a slur against homosexuals as “funny” and “rude” but my refusing to let somebody verbally bully my family as “psycho”. Strange attitude!

  3. Mr. Jena:

    You may find this amusing. Before the election I put together a quick video clip for YouTube accusing Obama of things like “masticating in public,” “matriculating,” and “genuflecting.”

    The clip is at:

    Needless to say, some people didn’t get the joke, and added comments like this:

    “thank god america finally got it right putting a democrat in office. btw, all your facts are shit, completley false. Obama is smart, strong, and so much better looking than mccain! 🙂 obama <33333”

    I maintain a web site ( that generates a fair amount of hate e-mails from liberals. I usually delete them because they rarely are more than profanity and ignorant remarks that do not warrant replies, but if I run across any exceptional replies I’ll pass them on to you.

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