The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: This is the Spokeswoman for the Democrat Party!

Irony is my favorite type of humor. Here is a great example: while the leftist try to paint conservatives as shallow, small-minded and unwilling to compromise their most unfunny, close-minded and shrill spokesperson sits for a chat with the ex-ESPN employee who is the least likely to be welcome in any MLB locker room.

The New Face Of Unity

The New Face Of Unity

I caught the love fest of bringing us together and change we can believe in the other night on Obermann. OK, I didn’t watch it live because I don’t have a very strong stomach and if I watch Mr. Warmth for more than twelve seconds I need to have not eaten for at least seven hours. His guest was alleged comedienne Janeane Garafolo. Why is it that liberal comedians are so unfunny and poorly spoken when they are off script? Maybe they are just following in Obama’s footsteps. I have liberal friends who swear that she is some sort of comic genius. She may be but why doesn’t she use her Oscar Wilde/Dorothy Parker razor sharp wit to make her points? Why is name calling and anger her modus operandi?

Seriously folks, I defy anyone to tell me a Janine Garafolo joke without doing a Google search. This is a woman who has the word “think” tattooed on her arm to remind her to do it once in awhile. Talk about being bad off script, she once took her notes on stage during a television taping of a comedy special. Maybe they weren’t paying her enough to memorize her act or couldn’t afford to rent a teleprompter. Every time her character on “24” looks down I swear she is looking for a cheat sheet script she has hidden on the set.

Maybe Ms. Garafolo has moved into the Dick Gregory phase of her career and soon she will be shilling a diet product. When I think of her or Mr. Obermann two words come to mind: intellectual poser!


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