The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Obama Takes on North Korea

Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama warned the North Koreans in the strongest possible terms. If they launched their new ICBM there would be hell to pay! Despite these stern warning they launched their missile on April 4th.  So now what? What will the Obama administration do to show Kim Jong Il, and other third world nations like, oh I don’t know maybe Iran, how serious they are about controlling their development of nuclear weapons and delivery systems?

I'm A Rocket Man!
I’m A Rocket Man!

The President and the Secretary have outlined a six step plan that is sure to have the Dear Leader so scared he may order his starving people to go out and tear down his uranium enrichment plants.

Step 1) Go to the United Nations and have them send a strongly worded letter demanding an apology.

Step 2) Secretary Clinton will give several angry speeches denouncing the Bush administration’s policy towards North Korea

Step 3) President Obama will begin unilateral disarmament of our own nuclear weapons.

Step 4) President Obama will petition both The Royal and Ancient and the United States Golf Associations to continue to not recognize Kim Jong Il’s claimed record score of 54 for eighteen holes.

Step 5) The North Korean ambassador will not be invited to the next four Wednesday afternoon parties at the White House.

Step 6) The United States will no longer ship and legitimate DVDs to North Korea forcing General Il to watch pirate copies of his favorite new movies.

President Obama announced that these severe steps could be avoided only if The North Korean leader issued a sincere apology and promised to never ever do it again.


3 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Obama Takes on North Korea

  1. Davis says:

    would like to have heard your ideas

  2. Jack Flannigan says:

    President Obama, please, by all means, sprout some ‘nads. Talk means nothing to a despot, sanctions mean nothing to a despot who places his military above the ability of the people of North Korea to have a meal. Cold hard action is the only way to catch Kim Jong’s attention. If you do not have a plan of action then just cut the words and zip it.

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