Helen Thomas, Living Fossil!

I watched the Presidential news conference last night and perhaps the most striking thing I learned was there is apparently some sort of assisted care shortage in America. I figured that out when I saw Helen Thomas sitting there in the front row. I used to think that she was always in the front row as some sort of odd show of respect. It occurred to me last night that she might never leave her seat. I have come to believe that Helen has been in that seat since sometime in the Carter Administration.

America's Sweetheart

America's Sweetheart

I noticed Helen doze off a time or two during the Presidential presser. She seemed to have this attitude that this whole thing was interrupting her evening. I am willing to kick in a few extra bucks myself to find her a place in a managed care facility.  Isn’t there some sort of liberal social safety net for their aging propagandists?

That Helen Thomas is still employed is amazing given the fact that she appears to have passed away several years ago. Employed and dead!  This feat had previously only been accomplished by city employees in Chicago’s garbage removal department.


 I am not exactly sure what rag employs Ms. Thomas. This is what really amazes me. Somewhere out there is an editor who one day said, “The world needs a ninety year olds views of the news. Why just hear about the last depression when we can have somebody who lived through it.” Perhaps this attitude explains the downward spiral of the dinosaur press.

Oh yeah, the President also said something about spending trillions to get the economy moving. I could have sworn I heard him say that his plan was to grow the economy by raising taxes on the rich and charities, and expanding government control of business and health care.  I think I also heard him say by omission that if Congress didn’t give the middle class the tax break he promised it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. Do those girls have a puppy yet?  


One Response to Helen Thomas, Living Fossil!

  1. The good news is she looked the same in the Carter administration so obviously she has aged well.

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