The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Work, Work, Work!

Dear Readers

I promised a new blog this morning but I have had a nutty weekend. Here is the thing about stand-up comics, we complain when we are busy and we complain when we aren’t busy!

My Weekend

 Friday: I kicked it of on Friday when I got an E mail from a friend on the west coast.  He had a business offer for me. He is kicking off a new social networking site and is looking for an editor for the comedy side, was I interested. So we had a conference call with the CEO and he asked me to get a few things together for him before a meeting tomorrow. No problem. Then I had to do a little fact checking for a guest commentary piece I had writen for my local newspaper, ( it is posted on this blog) . Off to the  church lenten fish fry for dinner with family and friends. I came home and had to show my mastery of the language by crushing Mrs. Jena in a game of “Upwords” then off to bed.

Saturday: I am out of bed at 4;30 A.M. ( Remember when 4:30 was the time you went to bed on Friday night?) and off to the Airport for a flight to Alburqurque N.M. via Atlanta, lunch with some old high school friends there, a two hour drive to Gallup, a show, a two hour drive back, sleep, shortened an hour by the moronic concept of Daylight Saving Time. I never did get the whole DST thing, it’s like taking a slice of bread from one end of the loaf and putting it on the other and saying. “Look , more bread!”

Sunday: Up at 5:30 A.M. and off to the Airport (remember when 5:30 A.M. was the time you went to bed on Saturday?) A flight to the Twin Cities, a three hour layover, during which I meet up with an old buddy at the airport who is a, raging liberal, we have a nice conversation though and it’s always great to see him, a flight down home during which we fly through several storms and try to land the first time during what might have been a tornado.  When I am walking out to the parking lot the sun comes out and a rainbow appears in the sky as if God is welcoming me home. But I’m not home yet since I was planning on being back three hours ago it is straight to my Sunday night group meeting and I finally hit the fron door at 9P.M. 

So what I am trying to tell you is that I got a litle behind this weekend and there will be a new posting here and on Big Hollywood tomorrow, thanks for listening.


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