The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: I’m Over Stimulated

Ahhh you have to admire the brilliance if not the bull. Submit your first budget at 1.4 trillion in the red and if you can just get the over spending down to 600 billion in the red you go to the morons who worship you and claim to have cut deficit spending in half.

Perhaps the only thing that gets in my craw more is when all the supposed fiscal conservatives in D.C. back Bush’s $750 billion bailout and then act so offended when Obama does what he promised and starts the redistribution.

Take heart my friemds. If the government took all the money in the country and cut it into 280 million equal shares tomorrow, within six months millons would be broke again and millions would be wealthy.  The great thing about being  free to achieve is that you can always do it.

The pendulum has swung to the left but  it will swing back! Out there waiting is the next Reagan and he or she will emerge. It may be Palin, Jindal or someone who isn’t yet on the radar.

Today I am recommending a read from my friend Tim Slagel

Enjoy a fish fry tonight!



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