The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: The Passing of a Friend

My best friend for over forty years passed away yesterday after a year long battle with brain cancer. His name was William Patrick Daley and he was 57 years old. He wasn’t anyone who you have ever heard of unless you spent some time in the AK Steel plant that is known at home simply as “the mill”. He wasn’t famous and didn’t leave the small town we grew up in too often. He worked hard and raised four kids who are all contributing members of society. I would put that accomplishment up against Al Gore’s Nobel Prize or any speech any politician has made in the last twenty years when it comes to helping our country.
He was a safe distance from sainthood but was a guy who you could count on all the time. When I was away from home working I knew I could call him him to fix a problem at my home for my wife and son. He helped me remodel my house when I moved back to the midwest from California. If he gave you his word on something it was more dependable than most contracts I have signed in my thirty years in show business.
He attended church regularly and put what he could in the plate. He was stoic about his troubles and his victories in life. It wasn’t until he was sick that I found out he was a diabetic.
On his last birthday in October his oldest son asken me to host a roast for him and over three hundred people turned up. There were hours of funny and touching stories, a lot of laugh, a lot of hugs and a few tears because even though we had not given up hope there was a sense that this could be Bill’s last birthday.
Later this week there will be a lot more tears and hugs but I know there will be a few laughs too because that is the way Bill would have wanted it. When people who didn’t know him read his obituary they might think he was a nobody but to me he was everybody. He was a little bit of the best all of us, self reliant, dependable, humble, honest, and fair. He was a dad, husband, union man, and most of all to me a friend. In a way he embodied everything that is great about this country and the human spirit.


4 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: The Passing of a Friend

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  2. Its a testament to how he lived his life that his friend would post such a heartfelt tribute.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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