The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Ashley Judd is Proving a Kentucky Education Still Lacking

 I grew up in a small town in Eastern Kentucky. There were two major industries there an oil company and a steel mill and yet I am still only the seventh most famous person from that town.

There was Henry Clay back in the pre-Civil War day who was a senator and known as “The Great Compromiser¨ which means he was the John McCain of his day with no core belief he wouldn’t drop for the sake of getting along.

Ashland Kentucky also produced that achy breaky king Billy Ray Cyrus, game show host Chuck Woolery and three Judds. Ashley Judd wasn’t born there but lived back in the land where coal meets iron off and on as she was growing up. Ashley want on to study at The University of Kentucky where she majored in anthropology, theater and woman’s studied which meant she was destined for Hollywood, a counseling job at the U of K student center or management at the local McDonalds.

 Fortunately for Ms. Judd the whole Hollywood thing worked out for her and she is now beginning a new career as a political activist. While I have often said to that the greatest thing about America is that we have the right to be as stupid as we want to be Ms. Judd has recently demonstrated that we in Kentucky have a way to go before we shuck off our image as being one of the less literate states.

Here are some of her recent pronouncements on the state of affairs in the country. She kicked off her trifecta of stupid back in September by declaring that “a woman who votes for McCain-Palin is like a chicken voting for Colonel Saunders.” Got it? In Ms. Judd’s world any woman who is not for a strict liberal agenda is a moron. So much for reaching out to the right and uniting the country under her new hero President Obama. Have you ever noticed that want a leftie talks about coming together or uniting the country or stopping the partisan politics what they really mean is that conservatives should drop their core beliefs and do what the left wants. When Bush was in the White House descent was their patriotic duty now if you are not lock step with the BHO agenda you are an obstructionist.

I wonder if Ms. Judd is on board with Barack´s latest idea to limit salaries to $500.000. I was just wondering how much she made for her last picture. I am sure if you figured it out on a year basis is was well over the top CEO money. Then after the election she made some snarky comment about now that Bush was out of office it was nice to be living in America again. I have to be honest here and admit I wasn’t crazy about everything Bush did while in office, in fact in a past blog I named him the greatest Democrat President ever. She was speaking about “woman’s reproductive rights” under Bush which is political correct speak for unfettered abortion. I challenge her to find one woman in this country who had been prevented from or prosecuted for having an abortion in the past eight years by our government.

Then this week Ashley voiced an ad for a far left animal rights group protesting Governor Palin´s support for aerial wolf hunting. Again, I don’t know what world Ms. Judd lives in where the lives of wolves are more important to her than the lives of unborn children but since she supports unfettered abortion and opposes the killing of wolves one must assume in her morality wolves trump kids. Since the killing of arctic wolves is necessary to protect other animals I suppose she even has a hierarchy of animals that need protection. I´d hate to see where right wing nut jobs like me finish on that list.


7 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Ashley Judd is Proving a Kentucky Education Still Lacking

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  2. gustav says:

    Buddy, Ashley Judd ain’t exactly working for a “far left” animal rights group. There are any number– probably in the tens of millions–of Americans who don’t think it’s very cool to shoot animals, period.

    If you were payin’ attention, Barack Hussein Obama wants CEOs who abused my generous tax dollar bail-out and gave themselves millions of dollars in bonuses for destroying my economy to get the $500,000 pay cap. Not sweet lil Ashley Judd. I’d give Ashley Judd my money in a New York City 9/11 minute. I’d rather get laid by her than your ass-lickin’ WalMart sister or wife. I don’t know what Nazi piss-drinkin’ Volkswagon you crawled out of, but Americans don’t like CEOs of US banks stealing their tax dollars and abusing their generosity and keeping the money to themselves and not giving any back to the Americans they borrowed it from. Maybe in the free market Nazi fuckhole you live in, that’s okay, but for Americans, it’s greedy and deservin’ of the gas chamber or a mass lynching.

    Yes, you guessed it, I support killing babies, priests, men who can”t keep their dicks in their pants, wolves and anyone else who doesn’t support America.

    By the way, wolves don’t “trump” kids. Wolves hump kids. Lots of kids are raised by wolves. Git some book-learnin’ you dumb white Nazi. Stop lookin’ at porn, for Christ’s sake.

    “The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism—ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power.” Look it up.

    Good luck, Nazi.

    • jeffreyjena says:

      I am putting this comment up to show how “Progressive” the attitude of your average left winger is. There is no logic, no reason, no factual arguement, just raw emotion and name calling. How very sad! Perhaps the saddest line is the first in his last paragraph a person who thinks we are safer if the government hods more power than the people, absolutly amazing! This is the product of education in government/union schools.

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