The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Getting Rush’s Back

This letter was written to Jay Bookman as a response to his column published originally in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on January 28th.
The link here, if you wish to read the op ed is from a reprint in my local paper.
Dear Mr. Bookman,
Thank you for your recent opinion piece on the influence of Mr. Limbaugh. Though the overall tone of the editorial was fair there is one big inaccuracy which I would hope you might correct. There were also several false assumptions which you made, perhaps because of your own political biases.
The inaccuracy was in your paraphrasing of Mr. Limbaugh’s quote on the President failing. What Mr. Limbaugh actually said was if Mr. Obama was going to lead us towards some sort of Euro socialism  and away from capitalism that he hoped he failed. He has said that he hoped Mr. Obama saw that a new New Deal was not the way out of our current economic problems and that he supports the President just not his policy. This is a point I made in a recent blog I published on January 4th, 2009 entitle “The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; We Support Obama.”   
The first false assumption you make is done in when you echo the idea in quote from Congressman Gingrey that Mr. Limbaugh isn’t trying to do what is best for his people. You may never agree with a single word that Rush says but you cannot think that he is on one hand an ideologue and at the same time hold that he thinks that advancing his ideology is bad for the country. This would be a logical inconsistency on your part and you seem to be a fairly intelligent and logical guy. As to a strong conservative ideology being bad for the Republican Party, in my world, and I assume in Mr. Limbaugh’s and in your’s, what is best for the country comes before what is good for the party.  
Another point I would like to make is that if all the Republican Party is interested in is winning elections we could just all become Democrats. Principles and ideals are important. We have just lived through eight years and an election where the President and our candidate were “moderate” conservatives and to quote that great mid level philosopher Dr Phil, “How did that work out for you?”  I personally would rather walk in the shadow of a man of values and principles like Rush than watch another alleged conservative drive us toward open borders and deeper debts. 
Finally as to kissing Mr. Limbaugh’s ring: The difference between Mr. Limbaugh for us conservatives and Mr. Obama for you liberals is that all we have to kiss is his ring.

Jeffrey Jena

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