The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; Obama’s New DIY Bailout Plan

 Change has come to Washington and Barack isn’t even sworn in yet. Tim Geithner, who Mr. Obama wants to run the Treasury, has a new plan for tax rebates and bailing out the common man; don’t pay your taxes!  It’s absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. Instead of waiting for a balky congress to release fund, craft oversight regulations or for government bureaucrats to cut and mail checks simply keep a bunch of what you owe the government. 

Mr. Geithner is truly an economic genius! He has crafted some new business deductions like your kid’s summer camp expenses and the new International Monetary Fund Employee Exemption. Here again he has shown initiative by bypassing that pesky tax code and setting an example for the average citizen that when he’s the big cheese over the IRS we can all just obey whichever pasts of the tax law we deem important.

That is a big change. I have had a few run ins with those sensitive souls at the IRS for a lot less money than Timbo. The difference between the IRS and the Mafia is that once you’re dead the Mafia will stop trying to collect from you. They didn’t let me have six or seven years to settle up. They were sending me letter making me feel like if I didn’t pay up quick I could end up in Gitmo or a Daily Kos meeting.

So, rest easy this April 15th,  Don’t quake in fear or even worry about sending in your payment, you have a friend in the Treasury Department!  



One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; Obama’s New DIY Bailout Plan

  1. foundersfreedom says:

    If only 40 millions of us would do just that. Since they couldn’t really chase and prosecyte all of us it would send a strong signal that we’ve had it. But lo, this voluntary taxation system has the people too scared to do it. Loved your take! Come to think of it, this shows Geithner to be a leader. He did what was best for him and his family by standing up to a corrupt system that needs changing. I’m now a fan!

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