The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Prince Harry, Our Kind of Guy

The old guard dying print and network media has their shorts up their collective crack about Prince Harry. Seems the Prince used two terms that were deemed politically incorrect by the media. The first was “Paki” used towards Ahmed Raza Kahn, a guy who he spent several months fighting alongside on the front lines in Afghanistan. His second crime was that he said another friend looked like a “Raghead” a term of endearment usually reserved for the enemy.

Forget the fact that this guy volunteered to be on the front lines against the Taliban when he could have opted for some cush gig back home. Let’s set aside the fact that the media leaking the fact that Prince Harry was serving in a combat zone put his life in even greater jeopardy and he was still willing to stay and serve out his rotation.  The idea that a son of privilege was willing to do the hard things and then chose to act like any other solider is so unfathomable to liberals in the media that they look for any minor reason to condemn this brave young man. Because he acts like a real man to the liberal media he is a thug and a racist.

I’m gonna guess that when the camera wasn’t rolling there may have been a lot of off color sexual and ethnic banter between men who were willing to put their lives on the line for Grandma and country. I’m gonna guess someone got called a “mick” or a “limey”, an upper class twit, or even a “poof”. There may have even been some “mama” jokes about Princess Diana.  “Your mama’s so dead…”

Had Harry stayed home and taken an anti-war stance, frosted his hair and started dating Amy Winehouse he would have been hailed as bold and brave by these same media idiots. They have proved their bias time and time again by either backing or saying nothing when real insults were made. Where was the outrage when Russell Brand called the President a “retard”? Where was the outrage when a sitting U.S. Congressman, John Murtha called our brave men “cold blooded murders”?  A charge later proved to be false with never an apology from the Congressman.

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy would trade Bush, Obama, and Clinton and the rest of the Ivy League dilettantes who have been running this country for the last twenty year for one real man with some spine like Prince Harry.




One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Prince Harry, Our Kind of Guy

  1. Not Winehouse…she is too controversial. And not because of her antics or that she is driving herself to suicide….

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