The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: We’ll Give You a Mulligan, Mr. Obama

Some days it’s a struggle to find a news story that gets you in a creative mood and then other days they swarm at you like kids waiting to be picked for dodge ball.  Today we have a plethora of screaming rug rats yelling, “pick me, pick me!”  

First up there is Bill Richardson resigning his appointment to Commerce. I thought about doing a wanted poster of the top ten Obama appointees who may not make it to June; Rham, Hillary, Eric, Joe and the rest would all be “wanted”.  Richardson’s face would have a big red “resigned” stamped over his face and Blagojevich’s mug shot with “arrested”.   Fun and funny but too easy!

Then we have the appointment of Roland Burris to fill Barack’s Senate seat.  In any other situation this would be seem as a perfect fit for the Democrats. An egotistical Chicago politician who has been part of the machine for years replacing another, perfect except that this one had the misfortune to be appointed to office by another egotistical Chicago politician under arrest for having tried to sell the seat to yet another egotistical Chicago politician. I thought about doing a flow chart of all the corrupt Chicago guys with all of their connections to Obama. Seemed to obvious.

We have the ongoing conspiracy in Minnesota between the Secretary of State and Al Franken to steal a Senate seat. Strange that selling a seat is a no-no but stealing one is seen as good politics. I thought of laying out all of the different vote counts from different counties and all of the different ballots that have been counted and then discounted. How in some areas they used one method for counting ballots and in others that method was disallowed. But where is the humor in pointing to the hypocrisy of liberals who are still crying about 2000 while stealing a Senate seat in 2009.   

Then a story jumped out at me. Leon Panetta, another recycled Clintonistas, needed a job. OMG! How did the apparatchiki in the transition team overlook this loyal old dog? Unfortunately for Leon all of the jobs for which he was qualified had already been doled out. Chief of Staff, Veterans Affairs, OMB, and Labor were all spoken for. What were they going to do with Leon?  They didn’t want to make him angry or he might go back to being a Republican. He left the party back in the 70’s because he felt they were moving too far from the center. I wonder if he feels that his new party is now doing the same. Well they found a job for Leon in the big chair at the CIA! Nothing lets our enemies know how serious we are about our national security than putting a long time political hack at the head of our intelligence service. Exactly what are his qualifications for this job? Has he even seen all of the James Bond 007 and Jason Bourne movies? Maybe he’s read some Tom Clancy novels. If Leon Panetta actually gets this job my hunch he is out of there before Barack gets us out of Iraq or Gitmo.

 Maybe Barack was all tired out from his long Christmas vacation posing for beefcake shots in Hawaii so here is what the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy suggests: a mulligan.  For you non-golfers a mulligan is a do-over, a “my bad”, an “oops did I say CIA? I meant to say CIO.”  So take a mulligan on your CIA appointment, Barack, and let the terrorist, Russians and Iranians know you are serious about defending our country.


5 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: We’ll Give You a Mulligan, Mr. Obama

  1. coffee fiend says:

    it’s crazy what Blagojevich has gotten away with already… he’s an international embarrassment

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