The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Barack, Prepare Three Envelopes.


There is an old joke about a CEO who is being replaced by a newer younger guy. The old CEO had done well for awhile and then fell out of favor. As he meets the new guy coming into the building he tells him there are three envelopes in his desk. When trouble comes the envelopes are there to help him. The new CEO goes along great for a short time and then business goes south. He doesn’t know what to do but then he remembers the three envelopes and opens the first one. In the envelope is a small piece of paper which simple says, “Blame your predecessor.”

That is where Mr. Obama is right now. He can pretty much dump everything that happens for the first year on Bush. Is Economy not coming back despite the greatest period of socialism since the Bolshevik Revolution, its Bush’s fault. Gitmo still open in six months, not to worry that’s Bush’s fault. Not out of Iraq as quickly as you promised Move On and other far left groups, chant after me: Bush, Chaney, Halliburton, Bush, Chaney, Halliburton. No movement towards energy independence, Bush!  Just keep saying it, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush! The press will back your play and the American people are willing to give you some latitude so it will work for awhile.

Then you have to move to the second envelope. The second time the new CEO has to go to the well the paper tells him, “reorganize.”  Because blaming your predecessor only works for a limited time. Soon you have to start making decisions of your own like how do you get your girl Valerie Jarrett a seat in the Senate which actually is just keeping your own seat. Do you ever see Ms. Jarrett ever voting against her BFF Barack’s wishes? Of course that means dipping your hands back into Chicago politics, better bust out the Lava Soap. Get another lackey to stand for Mrs. Clinton’s seat. How about Caroline Kennedy?  Rub your hands together and in your best C. Montgomery Burns voice say, “Excellent!” You have you make some moves to make The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy feel like you are really trying to bring the country together. Make it something superficial like inviting Rick Warren to do a prayer at the inauguration, perfect! Even this angers the lefties because one of the worst kept secrets in politics is that calls from the left for unity are empty rhetoric.  How dare you invite that racist, sexist, homophobic, white, wealthy, male, Christian zealot to our diversity party?  Things are starting to fray and you are not even sworn in yet. Time to reorganize.

Then you actually have to take the wheel. Like most Americans I would love it if in two years I had to sit down and write, “I was wrong” about Obama.  However, he has done nothing as of yet to inspire any confidence that this might happen. Recycled Bush war policy moves. Recycled New Deal economic policies. Recycled Clintonistias for the Cabinet and White House staff. Recycled Chicago style politics with Rhambo.  Recycled leftist social policy with the appointment of Daschle and movement towards socialized medicine.  Even recycled recycling with Gore chiming in on enacting Cap and Trade.  If you liked the mortgage meltdown due to liberal meddling in the banking business you’ll love the economic holocaust that Cap and Trade will bring.

So that brings us to the last envelope, which Mr. Obama may need in four years or less, “Prepare three envelopes.”  


One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Barack, Prepare Three Envelopes.

  1. ngoldfarb says:

    I agree totally.

    Thank you for putting me on your blogroll links.

    You are on my blogroll links.

    Keep on posting the truth, we shall win!

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