The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: There’s no Recession in Baseball

I can’t take another day of Senate Republicans posturing for whomever they think they are still fooling on the right. I am also not enjoying waiting to see who in Obamanation will take the fall for their involvement with the Blagomart as much as I should. One might wonder how the Monty Hall of Springfield would have known that Barack Hussein wanted Valerie Jarrett to fill his seat if no one from his transition team has had any contact with the Governor. Obama might have a huge problem looming and I am not enjoying it one jot.

 Perhaps it is my disappointment in the global warming I was promised by Al Gore as we in the Midwest are sitting through the coldest December in twenty years. My general sense of winter ennui that usually doesn’t arrive until well after Christmas has set in and my only escape is to start looking forward to spring. It is still eleven days until the days begin to get longer again and still almost eight weeks until pitchers and catchers report for spring training.

With the world economy collapsing around us you might think that the recession would start taking hold in all areas of business. Fortunately, for a few workers, reports out of the Major League Baseball winter meetings show that there is no recession in baseball. Before I go off let me say I am a baseball fan. I have suffered with my Chicago Cubs through more than forty five seasons of failure and yet I still don my bright blue cap and think that this might be the year every spring. Yet when I read of the deals that are coming out of the meetings it makes me wonder if in a year or two we might not see the MLB owners up on Capitol Hill looking for a bailout.

Please don’t misunderstand me I am all for a player getting all of the dough he can out of an owner. Like the auto industry, I don’t blame the union workers for taking whatever they could get. The problem lies with management and baseball owners don’t see that sooner or later the cost of the product will put it out of reach for the average consumer and their businesses will be in trouble. There has to be some management control in spending. Look at the deal C.C. Sabathia recently struck with the Yankees. He got a seven year contract for a reported $131 million. If your average starting pitcher gets forty starts a year and throws 100 pitches a game that means every time C. C. tosses the ball he gets about $6,000. Two average twelve pitch innings would put him in the top ten percent of all wage earners in America! This has been going on for a long time and I think there is a tipping point on the horizon. When kids can’t go to see a game they begin to lose interest in a sport. Out here in middle America Little League baseball and Pee Wee Football are fading. In our town we used to field ten to twelve baseball teams in every Little League age group. Last summer in my son’s division there were four teams. Soccer and Lacrosse are groups are growing at a rapid pace. So, baseball owners of America, get a grip on spending now before we are a nation of soccer weenies like most European countries. Maybe it’s all part of Barack Hussein Obama’s plan to make the rest of the world like us, if we just played soccer they would know we have joined the world community.


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