The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Even a Congress Has a Good Idea Once in Awhile.


Being from the south I have had a lifetime of experience with cute southern idioms.  After listening to a bunch of self-serving congressmen make the CEO’s from Detroit grovel for their handouts one came to my mind. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile.

Not that I mind seeing a bunch self-righteous CEO’s being made to crawl for their welfare checks. They deserve it after years of kowtowing to union bosses and having quality control that any government bureaucrat would be proud to call his own. Still if they had any spine they would have gone back to Motown and issued a statement saying that they would not produce another car or issue another paycheck to a union member until they got their dough. Since the average CEO has as much self-respect as your average crack whore they did what they were told, went back home, did their penance and then drove back to D.C. for their money.

Let’s be honest, is there anyone who has even one foot in reality that thought the Democrats were going to let thousands of union jobs go under? I have a better chance of beating Randy Couture in a UFC match than we have of the Democrats denying a handout to the car companies which is in actuality a bailout of the UAW and their pension plan.

Congressional hearings are the original reality television shows. They are manufactured events to give politicians face time on the idiot box. These hearings on the auto bailout were a chance for some political posturing and nothing more. One great idea did come out of them. I was listening to some minor congressgnat buzz about how before he voted to give any money to Detroit he wanted to see a plan so he could be assured that the same mistakes of the past twenty five years wouldn’t be repeated. If the CEO’s need a plan for their 25 billon why not a plan from congress for the four or five trillion they fritter away every year before we send them our tax dollars.

I would like to see the plan for Social Security before you take another penny out of my pocket. What are my assurances that the same lumping of my retirement money into the general fund and replacing it with your worthless markers will end?  Where are my guarantees that at some point you will admit that the government cannot continue to grow endlessly? When will you reign in public employees unions and ask them for meaningful concessions?

Go home and come back to me with a plan and maybe I’ll try to cough up my money come April 15th.



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