The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; A History Lesson for Day 6 While Waiting for Jimmy Carter’s Second Term to Begin,

I have watched Barack Obama’s first press conference several times over the weekend thanks to the miracle of You Tube. Before I get into the substance, or lack thereof, in this softball fest, let me make a few observations.

Is “Mr. President-Elect” an official title?  I went back to see if the press addressed either Clinton or Bush II as “Mr. President-Elect” and found them both being addressed as “Governor” at pre-inauguration pressers. I believe he is still a senator from the state of Illinois. He should be addressed as “Senator Obama” until January 20th.   He is still getting a paycheck from the government for his service even though I don’t think he’s been doing too much work as a Senator for the last two years. If it is proper to be addressed by titles which you will have someday please address me as “Your Highness” from now on, I am a king I just don’t have a kingdom right now.

It was pretty obvious that who was going to get to ask a question was predetermined. Before every question Mr. Obama looked down to the podium and then called a name. I wonder if the questions were prepackaged as well. All of the questioners were former journalists who had become cheerleaders for the Obama camp during the race. Can you say “control freak”?

It seems that Barack has some secret plan to fix the economy. During his pseudo-conference he said he would get things straightened out as soon as he took over. It seems he doesn’t want to step on any toes or send the wrong signal to folks overseas. After two years of hammering the Bush White House he is suddenly concerned about respect for the administration policies and making sure other folks understand we only have one government at a time.

As the president of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy I have some empathy for Mr. Obama. I too am a bit of a paranoid who sees the forces of conspiracy behind every door and around every corner too. Why not unveil this plan now? Is he afraid that Bush will conspire with the Democrat congress in the lame duck session to enact his plan and get the economy all squared away in the next seven weeks? You know who else has a secret plan? Richard Milhous Nixon in ’72 had a secret plan to get us out of Viet Nam.  He announced his plan as part of his re-election campaign. Why he didn’t simply enact his plan, end the war and save hundreds of lives is something even then I didn’t understand.  So Mr. Obama if you have a plan lay it out for us and lets us examine it and debate it’s plus and minuses. If you don’t have a plan, get one.    


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