The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; Day Three of Waiting for Jimmy Carter’s Second Term to Begin

“The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level.”
Norman Mailer.

I’ve been busy all day listening to my hunting and fishing buddies cry about the election. The way they are carrying on you’d think someone had run over their dog, wrecked their truck and short changed their mama.

Here is my message to all my Vast Right Wing Conspiracy minions; shut up! Remember back in 2000 when all the lefties were crying about Bush being selected and not elected even though ever recount showed them to be wrong? Remember how they were saying he was not their president and how we called them un-American? They were and so are you if you are now saying the same things. Remember how moronic John Kerry looked when he was whining about the Swift Boat Veterans?  I am not saying you have to be happy about your impending tax raise or the coming socialization of the health care industry but Mr. Obama is the president-elect and we owe him a chance to screw things up on his own.

He has made some promises to us on the right let’s give him a chance to make good on his word. He has promised to leave the partisan politics behind and with the naming of Rham Emanuel as his Chief of Staff he has certainly taken a step in that direction. Mr. Emanuel is a man who often has tried to bridge the partisan divide with a gift of seafood or a wish to provide sexual satisfaction for his enemies. Meanwhile, Mr. Obama’s friends in the Senate are following their new leader by trying to lessen the work load for Joe Lieberman.

Mr. Obama has promised to be a president for all of us and I am not really sure what that means but I willing to wait until at least January 21st before I put up Obama says he wants to listen to all of us, especially those who disagree with him,. Great here it is; I don’t care what the French think of us, our status in the world community, or if my salad is organic. There are many things I would like out of the next four years but if I just got a Government that spends less than it takes in, stops being dependant on foreign sources for energy and leaves my Second Amendment rights alone I could be satisfied.  

I am really hoping that Obama is a man of his word but just in case I am right and Obama I is really just Carter II I am getting ready. I am bustin’ out my bell bottoms, taking my AMC Pacer out of storage and getting ready for the misery index to make a comeback.


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