The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Final Poll to Be Taken Tuesday, Outcome May Be Available By 2012

There has been a lot of talk about polls lately. I either heard or read that there have been somewhere in the neighborhood twenty thousand polls conducted since the campaigns started which means that if each poll has sampled  just one thousand voters that one in every seven  voters have been polled at some point.  I live in what is a very traditionally “red” area and I have a very extensive e mail data base. I sent out a note to seven thousand of my closest friends who live around me and asked them to drop me a note if they had been polled, number of affirmative responses: zero!

I also asked if they were still undecided to let me know, number of affirmative responses: zero.

So even though the Obamedia has reported heavy early voting in which all votes went to His Highness Barack and notwithstanding that the crown and scepter have been ordered I will still hop in the truck on Tuesday morning and head over to the Baptist Church and put my two cents worth in for the only poll that really counts. I still think that McCain, despite a mismanaged campaign, being outspent four to one, and spotting Obama a twelve percent lead, can pull it out.  There are a lot of local issues that matter. I am voting against casino gambling and loan sharking, I sorry I meant to say “payday lending”.

I almost feel sorry for the Obamanistas if they win. I am voting for one of two guys who I think can lead the country best. I don’t like most of the things McCain stands for but I like Obama and his thinly veiled Marxism a lot less. Either way, as a conservative, I don’t get a lot to like. No matter who gets free rent for the next four years I get a man who is going to give me some version of socialized medicine, amnesty for illegal aliens and will raise the cost of living by untold billions with some sort of cap and trade carbon credit hocus pocus, which is, of course, just another way to raise our taxes. I know I’m not going to like a lot of stuff that happens going in. I realize that no matter who wins I have to be on my toes for the next four years.

The followers of the Messiah are in for a rougher ride because they have some pretty high expectations. From day one they are going to be waiting for their change. Best of luck on that. Here are the facts on change; no matter who wins Tuesday on January 20th, 2010 (one year after the new guy is sworn in) count on the following to be true. We will still have scads of troops in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Neither Obama nor McCain will end the war quickly.

We will all be paying higher taxes. Both of these men voted for the biggest one day increase in the national debt and we have to pay the tab.

We will still be dependent on Arabs and other dictators for oil. The technology for wind and solar and all kinds of other panaceas are still not where they need to be to make these viable. If they were some rich Republican would already be making billions off them.  

There will be no new off shore drilling. I know to some of you like this but I use this as an example of some smoke and mirrors that Congress has been using to make us think we are moving towards energy independence

There will be still be millions of illegal immigrants taking jobs Americas do want and draining billions from our schools and social service networks.

There will be no new permits issued for nuclear energy plants.

We will not have a national health care plan anywhere near what your local congressman gets.

Islamic fundamentalist will still hate us and Israel no matter how much we talk to them, conditions or no conditions.




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