The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Can We Get Some New Talking Heads?

I am going to take a break from the presidential politics and try to reach out to my brothers and sisters across the political aisle. I would like to start a list of the talking heads both left and right that we would like to see banned from all news outlets. I am tired of spin morons who offer only party talking points and no original thought or intellectual honesty. I am tired of non-responsive answers from alleged political experts who don’t even get close to addressing the question from the news reader or program host. I am tired of split screen talk-over matches to see who can yell the loudest. Finally, I am tired of folks whose number one reason for being on these programs seems to be to plug their own show or book.

I know some of you will say I am dreamer and idealist but could we have just an hour somewhere on the idiot box where rational people actually discuss the issues and events of the day?

I will lay down the ground rules and get the list started. I invite you to join in. I will forward the list and your suggestions to the appropriate networks at some future date.

Here are the rules:

1) You cannot ask for someone to be banned for ideological reasons. Let me give you an example; Karl Rove. I know those of you on the left can’t stand this guy, think he is the devil blah blah blah, but his work is pretty good. I have never seen him do a talking point or just be a “homer” for the right. You are welcome to try to prove me wrong

2) You have to keep it non-personal. No banning for being too fat, bald, ugly or anything to do with physical appearance. You may call someone stupid if you can cite examples or give links to video that back up your position.

3) Character counts. Past deeds, associations and other evidence of character defects is fair game.

4) Only “talking heads” on the list. No Keith Doberman or Sean Humidity as they are host types and most appear in the fabulous “Dickopedia” on

I reserve the right to add to the rules or change them at any time. It’s my bat and ball.

My picks for the list:

Pat Buchanan- This has-been is number one with a bullet! He has gone from being a member of the greatest administration of the last fifty years to ranting lunatic is just a few years. I don’t often use the “N” word but this dinosaur is bordering on neo-Nazi.  

Bob Bickel- Is this guy ever sober? Bob, I am ready to take you to a meeting whenever you are ready.  If you asked this guy why the sky is blue his answer would be that because McCain is the third Bush term. For the love of God, Bob, just answer one question.

Dick Morris- The plug machine. That alone should get him on the no-air list but I have a bigger problem with this guy. He is a turncoat. Not that you can’t ever change your mind or point of view but my impression of Morris is that he blabbed about the Clintons for spite and money and like Scott McClellan there is nothing lower than being a rat.

Al Sharpton- How does this guy have any creditability? Riot inciter, serial perjurer and flat out liar. My opinion of Glenn Beck went down by fifty percent for having this criminal on for a full hour not once but twice and never once holding his feet to the fire about past misdeeds.

Ok, it’s your turn to nominate the talking head who makes you reach for the remote.



2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Can We Get Some New Talking Heads?

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  2. bearman says:

    Can we add a new category for anyone that makes the majority of their money from tv or film. Do we really care who Matt Damon or Chuck Norris want to be president.

    And I would like to ban Rove just for the mere fact that I won’t have to listen to Hannity call him “the architect” one more time.

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