The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: What is She Thinking?

We have all heard the old saw about the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, yet members of the Jewish Community continue to vote almost en masse for anyone with a Democrat “D” behind their name. I did a fund raiser a couple of years ago for the California Jewish Republicans and the running gag for the night was that we should be holding the meeting in a phone booth. Despite the major media bias against politically conservative Jews, known by their code name of “neo-cons”, their numbers are growing as many Jewish-Americans have come to realize the Democrat Party is deserting our only true ally in the Middle East; Israel. I know there are some who think Saudi Arabia is an ally but having the House of Saud for an ally is like having Scott Peterson for your fishing buddy, you better watch your back or you could end up in the bay.

Since the election of Ariel Sharon in 2001 Israel has been moving towards national suicide by allowing pacifism and appeasement to dominate their foreign policy. This has no doubt been influenced by the number of liberal leaning American Reform Jews who have immigrated to the Middle East over the past twenty years. Sharon’s formation of the Kadima party when he broke with Likud marked Israel’s swing towards a liberal policy of land for peace which has encouraged renewed attacks from Hezbollah and Hamas. This policy had been continued by Ehud Olmert until he resigned last month under a cloud of low approval ratings and corruption accusations. It remains to be seen if Israel will continue in this direction under new Kadima leader Tzipi Livni.

Appeasement and continuing to weaken Israel’s security might continue if Comedienne Sarah Silverman’s choice for President gets his way. Silverman is the kind of Jew who will be the demise of the nation of Israel. Not only is she voting her liberalism and hatred of Bush ahead of the interest of the Jewish state but she is urging other to do the same. Ms. Silverman is fronting for a failing effort know as the “Great Schlep” which is urging young Jews on the East Coast to go to Florida and urge their grandparents to vote for Obama. Her grandparents reportedly don’t even live in Florida and I would think at Ms. Silverman’s age it might be her parents who were retired to the Sunshine State, but I digress. I am sure that she thinks her “Great Schlep” is funny and cute and politically correct but her type of short sighted disengagement liberalism is exactly what is driving Israel towards oblivion.

Ms. Silverman is urging Jewish Floridians to vote for Obama despite the fact that recent speeches and writings by major movers in the Democrat Party that should make Jewish voter question their traditional alignment with the left. Outspoken friends of Obama like Jimmy Carter and Jesse Jackson and fringe supporters like Louis Farrakhan have shown various degrees of distain for Israel and yet few Jewish groups or leaders have spoken out against this rising tide of anti-Semitism in leftist American politics. Free speech is a wonderful thing and I certainly support Ms. Silverman’s right to campaign for whomever she wishes but Mr. Obama’s position on Israel has sifted more times than a NASCAR driver. Hopefully her grandparents, wherever they are, can talk some sense into her


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