The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; Three Joes and the Big O

There is nothing like spending 15 hours driving to Northern Michigan and back to give you a chance to do some thinking. I don’t know if you believe in God but I have noticed that no matter how far from civilization you get his radio stations always come in clearly.

I watched the debate on Wednesday and thought, (and I know this will surprise you), McCain did reasonably well. I am not claiming that his campaign is now reading the VRWC blogs but he did all three things I suggested he should and now his poll numbers are rising here in Ohio and other swing states.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden was out there proving his level of intelligence with two stunningly stupid statements. While a lot of folks on the left look down their surgically enhanced noses at Sarah Palin but I am pretty sure she could tell you how many letters are in the word “jobs”. Then Joe “Have I mentioned I grew up in Scranton in the last five minutes?” Biden suggested that his neighborhood was chock-a-block with blue collar worker like plumbers, cops, and firemen. Sen. Biden, who has done well on $160,000 a year, lives in a 6400 square foot lakeside mansion that sits on a four acre lot valued at 3.5 million. I am not a betting man but I might be willing to risk a buck or two that he is the only government worker or tradesman on his block, especially since his house takes up the whole block.

Then there is Joe Wurzelbacher, AKA Joe the Plumber. Here is some poor working stiff who dares ask the anointed one a question and now that the answer to that question is partly responsible for sending his poll numbers down the Obamamaniacs are doing a colonoscopy on Joe. Ok, so this single parent father is working as a plumber without a license to support his son and himself. Yeah, he’s behind in his taxes, which might be the reason he’s wondering if he will pay more. Maybe he is dreaming too big thinking that someday he will buy out the boss and be making 250 large a year, but isn’t that what America is all about?

So, how does the left treat this working class hero? This guy who Obama/Biden claim to be so in touch with and working so hard to help. They set out to make his life a living hell.  In Obama’s Marxist view of the world there is no upward social or economic mobility. For daring to step up and give a point of view that doesn’t fit in with the Progressive mythology he is investigated. For being a working class guy who might have a longer term view of life than his next paycheck he is slapped down and told to remember his place.  That, my Enlightened Progressive friends, is a tactic that would make Big Joe Stalin proud. Hey, Joe Stalin, another Marxist!


3 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; Three Joes and the Big O

  1. gadawgfan says:

    Well said!

  2. fingerstx says:

    I think you need to take your blinders off. Joe the Plumber is being investigated by News Media, not Obamamaniacs.

    Nobody would be pointing at him and chuckling if he had just told the truth in the first place. He first said he was an Independent when, in fact, he was a card-carrying Republican. In my book, it is a LIE to misrepresent which party you belong to.

    When you look at ALL the facts that the news media has been able to collect, any sane person will realize that Joe was a Republican plant, whose goal was to mess with Obama and start something. Shame on Joe. He has brought all the attention on himself, by himself. He should be glad they spelled his name right.

  3. jeffreyjena says:


    Mainstream news media=Obama Campaign worker nuff said!

    So let me get the rest of this straight, The McCain Campaign which has shown nothing but ineptatude for months suddenly gets this guy planted on the street where Obama makes an unsceduled stop to shake a few hands and knock on a few doors, right up to the cameras at the perfect moment and somehow “tricks” Obama into saying a very Marxist thing? Do I have it? If you really believe that you should be voting for McCain and his boys if they are that good.

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