The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: What I Need to Hear Tonight, Part Two

Before the last great debate I gave some free advice to John McCain. My father always used to say that free advice is worth what you paid for it and maybe that’s why I was ignored. However I am fairly hardheaded and my thirty years in show business has made me impervious to rejection so I will give it another try.

This is the last round of the title fight and it looks like McCain is behind on all the cards so he needs not only to win this round but at least make an attempt at a knockout punch. He must engage Barack Obama directly as well as the American people. He has to ask direct questions of Obama to throw him off of his game. Toss him a “gotcha” question or two and see how he handles being on the spot. Ask him to answer a direct yes or no question and when he doesn’t answer with a yes or a no ask him if there is anything on which he doesn’t equivocate.

Show some passion and put some ideas out there that don’t involve the Federal Government spending tons of our dough.

Go negative! Yeah I know that all the folks in the Government Owned Media say that going negative is not working but every election since the beginning of time says differently. McCain must use Ayers, Rezko, Farrakhan, and anything else that comes to mind. Bring up the fact that Obama has taken more money from Fannie Mae than anybody except Chris Dodd.  Ask him to give it back to the American people. McCain must not only show what you can do but raise questions about Obama in the minds of the public. Kick some dirt on Bush. We far right wing nut jobs agree with the far lefties that this President has done a horrible job in the past three years. Go after a few Republicans as well as Democrats and hit them all hard. I don’t want to see the Harvard Debating Society; I want to see a good old fashioned, ashtray-in-the-eye bar fight.

As a comic I know that if you finish strong the audience will forget that you limped through the first part of the show. One last thing John, if you want to look presidential try to remember “that one’s” name.


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