The Vast Right Conspiracy: Beating a Dead Horse

So we have twenty-one days left and I already feel like I am living in a Stalinist state. Here we have the party that is supposed to be all about tolerance, building bridges and open mindedness about to take the reins, if you listen to the Government owned media channels, and yet if we on the right even dare ask a question about Obama’s associations and past we are shouted down with cries of racist and worse.

I’m not trying to change minds at this point; in fact I can’t believe there are still people who haven’t decided yet. The difference between our two parties is the greatest it has been since Ronald Reagan sent Jimmy Carter off to build houses for the poor and crank out his anti-Semitic crap.

I am going to challenge my Enlightened Progressive readers to try something really difficult. Put aside your unbridled idol worship for King Barack and reach deep down into your intellectual honesty and admit there is a double standard in the way the media questions the two men running for the right to screw up traffic where ever they go.

I want you to look without emotion for a moment at what it would be like if a man from a different ethnic background was running and had done some of the things Obama had done.

Let’s say there was a guy from the south side of Chicago running for president but instead of being African-American he had a last name that ended in a vowel. This candidate goes to a Catholic Church where they still say Mass in Latin and the priest gives sermons about how America had deserted God and was an instrument of evil for allowing abortion. He has a friend that kicked off his campaign for Alderman several years ago who had been a reputed mob hitter and had once beat a rap for murder. Some of his early financing had come from well know Chicago political figures with ties to organized crime. Do you think the New York Times would do an article or two about this man’s associations? Do you thing folks on he left would be screaming about how who you do business with isn’t important?

Ok, maybe that’s not fair so let’s look at another example. Let’s imagine there is a politician not from the south side of Chicago but from the Deep South. He’s a decent guy especially when it comes to matters of race. Being born and raised in the South he knows history the importance of the Civil Rights movement. Even though he is a conservative he has a record on race issues any liberal would be proud to show around.  Then one day he is at a birthday party for an old man who was a segregationist and Klan member much like Robert Byrd (D-WV) and he says a few kind words about this old man. The big time elite media guys go nuts and ignoring his lifetime of work all but hounds him out of politics. Fair treatment, who’s to say?


I know I am beating a dead horse with you lefties but as long as I still have some first amendment rights left I will ask, Mr. Obama what exactly is your relationship with Bill Ayers? Will you ever publicly denounce him? How is it you bought a house you couldn’t possible afford? Why did Tony Rezko help you get such a sweetheart deal?  Why did you start wearing a flag pin is you didn’t think it necessary? Why didn’t you stand by your principle? There’s more I’d like to ask but there is an old saying that even a stupid dog will walk away if you kick him enough.


6 Responses to The Vast Right Conspiracy: Beating a Dead Horse

  1. Ronald Riley says:

    Normally, I don’t bother replying to items like this on the internet, but you seem to be an open-minded kind of guy, and I read 23/6 pretty regularly, so even though I pretty much never agree with you, I do read your writings a lot.

    So I just have to ask: do you REALLY think this Ayers thing means anything at all? Really? The board they served on was, as points out, “supported by a Republican governor and included on its board prominent local civic leaders, including one former Nixon administration official who has given $1,500 to McCain’s campaign,” and: “The group was the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, started by a $49 million grant from the Annenberg Foundation, which was established by the publisher Walter Annenberg, a prominent Republican whose widow, Leonore, is a contributor to the McCain campaign.”

    So, that’s how BAD Bill Ayers was in Chicago in the early 90s. He was such a terrible, evil terrorist that he was regularly invited to participate in education-related events and organizations, because he was, you know, a university educator. What, exactly, should a young local politician have done? Shun him, when, by all indications, he was a welcome and integral part of the local scene, accepted by leaders conservative and liberal? That’s just foolishness.

    As for Reverend Wright: I think we all heard more than enough about this in the primaries. I don’t know how you’ve managed to forget the week-long, 24-hour slamfest every cable network had over this.

    To claim that there’s some kind of double standard at work is just crazy. The Wright issue was hashed out, rehashed, reheated, repeated and hammered on OVER and OVER and OVER again. There’s nothing left to talk about.

    Flag pins? Seriously?

    Rezko: The Rezko thing smells. No doubt about it. And I don’t know nearly enough to defend Obama. There may actually be something to this one. And yes, it deserves attention if there is something there.

    But you know what? There’s a lot of stuff about McCain that I’d like to see the mainstream media cover that they’re not. What happened, exactly, after Cindy got busted for abusing prescripted drugs that weren’t her presceription? What is the deal with McCain and the US Council for World Freedom? Why, exactly, did the Navy continue to allow McCain to fly when he couldn’t keep planes in the air?

    And I think you’ll notice one other thing: Neither Barack Obama nor Joe Biden has mentioned ANY of these items on the campaign trail. Not once.

    So where’s the double standard?

  2. jeffreyjena says:

    First I want to say thanks for taking your time to read me both here and on 23/6.

    I wouldn’t say I am open minded but I try to be intellectually honest but thanks you for the compliment. I try to live my life according to a set of principles. I believe in capitalism, God, self-reliance and the Constitution. I believe we have an obligation to recognize evil and stand against it. When asked if evil existed at Saddleback BHO could not give a straight yes or no answer. Is that really a question that he needs to equovicate on?

    Here is why Ayers is important to me. He is an unrepentant bomber. This is a fact that he does not deny. He is a coward who put a bomb under a cop car. He is a coward that sneaks up on innocent people and tries to kill them. Thank God he is incompetant at that too. He and his wife have made a nice living off of the public with the assistance of far left radicals who have co-opted higher education in some departments at several universities in this country. I lived in Chicago for a number of years and politics there is slightly less corrupt than in New Orleans which is slghtly less corrupt than Haiti.

    I disagree with your contention that:
    A) the Annenberg family was running this fund, and invited Ayers anywhere
    B) that he was welcomed by conservative leaders. He was invited by very left leaning south side groups and tolerated by conservatives. You see this is the problem with bipartisanship. In order to get along with the other side you just have to give up half of the things you stand for.

    This may seem simplistic but birds of a feather… and when you put Wright and Ayers and Farrakhan and Rezko and Alinsky and etc next to Obama you begin to develop what pattern. What is your contenion? That Obama is some sort of centerist who just happens to have all these far left Marxist friends? That while he has a deep and abiding love for America almost everyone he know has tried to bring our system down?

    Here is why the flag pin thing is important. He didn’t wear one and gave a long and very impassioned answer about not needing to were the flag to prove his patriotism. Fine with me he made a stand and I can respect him for that. The the far right and Hillary and BTW Biden continued to hammer him and suddenly poof! There was a pin on his lapel.

    As to Cindy McCain as someone who has been in recovery from Alcohol and drugs for 20 years I don’t get the big halabaloo from the left about her or Rush. A lot of us left and right have been there. I don’t know if she got some special consideration from the courts because of her money or connections so di many of the Kennedys, Gore’s son and countless other folks left and right who can afford expensive lawyers. OJ comes to mind. T’was ever thus and will never change. The only thing in life I have ever found that is fair is baggage claim. I don’t know much about the US Navy and their flight status policy. I don’t knoe if McCain ever attended any meetings of the ultra right wing group CWF but I am pretty sure he didn’t though he does have some relationship with several members and hould have to explain it to the public. Please keep in mind that I am no Fan of JMcC or GWB. They are not conservatives and in my opinion do not serve any ideals to which i subscribe.
    Examples: Illegal Immigration, perscription drugs for seniors, failure to properly fight the war in Iraq and Afganistan, failure to balance budgets, government intervention into private business, the bailout, etc.

    Why should BHO or Hair Plug Joe attack McCain when the Daily Kos and others on the campaign do it for them. Here is my real question for the really far left. If BHO gets in and due to political and economic realities cannot keep any of his pledges to you how long until you sober up and turn on him? He will not pull out of Iraq, He will not be able to lower taxes, he will not be able to institute national healthcare, he has no real control over the price of oil, food,gas or your morning paper.

    Thanks again for taking your time to comment and for reading. Sorry if this is a little disjointed but it was written on the fly without revision

  3. ChrisW says:

    If I was going to be really honest with myself, I would say that the Reverend Wright stuff did put me off some, even though I was thoroughly a Barack guy. I tried to shrug it off as cultural differences that I do not understand, but it still made me uncomfortable. Your “alternate” version though, was very well put. Making the analogy to a Catholic candidate whose church rails against the US for allowing abortion, is something I am more familiar with and can at least understand. I may disagree with the Catholic church, but I don’t view them as dangerous or anti-American for their beliefs. So, thank you for giving me an “intellectually honest” view of how some of Reverend Wright’s sermons might be at least tolerable.

  4. jeffreyjena says:

    Sure some of Rev. Wright’s stuff may be tolerable but it is far outside the mainstream. There is a lot that is tolerable but not good for our country, the evening news on the three major networks comes to mind. My point was that such a conserative candidate would be ripped to shreads by the MSM for example, Sarah Palin, while Obama pretty much gets a pass.

    Maybe I should include pictures for you folks on the left.

  5. ChrisW says:

    I disagree that Obama has gotten a pass and we could argue over it, but there is no point. I went back and read you post on progressive mythology. It read like a decent piece of satire on right wing bloggers, but I very much doubt you intended it that way. You assail the other side for having outlandish prejudices, and yet your only counterargument is to state you own outlandish prejudices. How do you expect anyone to take your challenge seriously when you prior post suggests you’ve never had the balls to take a moment of intellectual honesty yourself.

  6. jeffreyjena says:

    I don’t know how you see that as satire of the right wing but like you say we could argue but whats the point.
    As to prejudices we all have them. The abality to prejudge a situation( or a person) is what made our ancestors run away when they saw a lion. You may want to read “Blink”.
    It’s the same when someone pulls into my driveway at 3 AM and starts towards my door I get my gun and am ready. Sure it could be someone lost in the country just looking for directions, it could also be some one looking to do a home invasion. Where I live I can’t wait for the cops, you can’t either you just think you can. I am ready when I go to the door.

    If you are walking down a dark street in lets say Vidor, TX wearing your Obama pin and three red neck looking dudes with cowboy hats start comming towards you what do you do? I’m guessing you cross the street.
    And if you didn’t cross the street you would be a moron, yeah they may be ok but you’re careful, thats how you get to old.

    If you met me on the street in let’s say NYC with my cowboy boots and big hick accent I am guessing you might think me a bit of an uneducated rube.

    Here is the difference between us, I know what mine are and you think you are above it all. When I say liberal socialists consider all of us peons to be stupid that is because I look at the evidence.
    The laws they support, the things they do.

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