The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; Progressive Mythology


Writers Note: I have gotten a great number of new readers in the past six months and I thank you for reading my blog. These are a series of blogs I published in April and May. I hope you enjoy reading about the mythology of the left. 

Progressive Mythology

Progressive politics, which used to be known as liberalism in American until Liberals thought the general public would be fooled by changing the name for creeping socialism, is built on a mythology.  Here are some of the more common myths which progressives believe.


Progressive Myth Number 1        You are stupid.

The key to all progressive mythology is that you are stupid! It is the underlying granddaddy whopper on which all other progressive mythology is based. You are so stupid you poor ignorant and unenlightened soul. Do not despair! We, the enlightened progressives are here and they know what’s best for you.  They are smarter that you, you ignorant masses of drones. Not to worry, they are here to help you, especially with your kids who you are obviously much too stupid to raise by yourself.

            The roots of this progressive myth are in the early sixties when the Surgeon General first issued his report on smoking. Because of the progressive belief that you are stupid and could not understand this report progressives, still known as liberals at that time, passed a law to put a warning on cigarettes. The number of people who smoked dropped after the report and the progressives, driven by their belief in their mythology, assumed it was because of the warning label on cigarettes. In my entire life I have never know anyone to pick up a pack of cigarettes read the warning and run away screaming. Could smoking rates have dropped because people became aware of the dangers and decided to quit on their own? According to progressive mythology this is not possible. So they took the next step, they banned cigarette ads on TV. Still, some people smoked so the progressives figured they had not stooped low enough for the stupidest Americans to understand the dangers. They invented a sub-mythology of second hand smoke and claimed millions died every year.  With this additional mythology they started banning smoking in restaurants, then bars, then everywhere, even outdoor stadiums.  

Now there is an assault on freedom of choice, strangely enough being propagated by the political wing in America which claims to be pro-choice.  Progressives are only pro-choice when it comes to abortion. When it comes to your ability to choose your kids schools they prefer Government enforced conformity. Witness the recent lawsuits against homeschoolers in California. They are against freedom of choice when it comes to food choices. Witness the recent laws passed in many cities banning various trans-fat foods. They are against your choice in cars and homes. Witness recent progressive-backed movements to economically punish people who want to drive SUVs or live in large homes.  

So the myth of stupidity has grown. Progressives believe you are too stupid to know what is good to eat or drive. That you cannot possibly even begin to comprehend what should go on in Government Schools or have any idea of what your children should be exposed to so leave that to the progressives and all will be well.


Progressive Myth Number 2   All cultures are equal

Progressives can’t see that being tolerant and recognizing that some things are better than others are two different things, even though they would never be seen in a domestic car or drinking a Bud. Progressives like to belittle all things western and elevate all things from any other culture. They believe in the myth that tolerance means equality. Progressives see every culture that exists or ever has existed as being of equal value.

The fact the culture of Western Europe from the Middle Ages until the late nineteenth century was responsible for most of the advances of modern human civilization and that these advances have been adopted by most cultures around the world drives progressive folk’s nuts. It goes against one of their basic myths that all cultures are equal in all ways.

I took a field trip to an old American Indian village with my son and his grade school class. Our “guide” through the old settlement was constantly telling the kids how great and advanced the culture was in this area when the village was active between six and eight hundred years ago. This was a subsistence farming and hunting community of semi-nomadic people who buried their food in the ground to preserve it. After awhile I asked if this village was active at the same time folks in Europe were writing the Magna Carta, building Notre Dame, exploring the world and developing the science, mathematics, literature, philosophy and technology that was the groundwork for all of modern civilization. Our guide gave me a long sigh and said that the contributions of the Native peoples were still used today. I asked her which ones they were and she talked about the value of the art. Would you rather have a beaded belt or a painting by Michelangelo?  Exactly! The other thing that Europeans figured out was that plumbing was important. Modern sanitary systems have saved more lives than all the doctors in all of history. Your extended life span is due more to your plumber that to your cardiologist.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the resourcefulness of the early American tribes but I like my microwave oven and central air. I like flying from coast to coast in a few hours in the relative comfort and safety of a modern jet. The Europeans figured out how to move up the Maslowian Pyramid into self actualization while many cultures were still trying to figure out how to keep deadly animals away from their kids. I am also tolerant of any moron who would like to go live in a tent in the woods and eat berries and rabbits.  Knock yourself out.  




Myth number 3 Big Business is Evil

The progressive economic philosophy is Socialism/Marxism warmed over with the concession that you may own property unless the government needs it for a freeway or a rich donor needs it for a high rise. It should come as no surprise that myth number three is that big business is evil.

How dare some people get ahead of others by working hard! You see the basic difference between Progressives and Conservatives can be seen in the old half a glass of water metaphor. A conservative looks at the glass and says, “There is a half a glass of water, maybe I could buy it, work hard and soon I could have a full glass for myself and my family.” A progressive sees the same glass and says “When are you greedy, evil, SUV driving, gun nut conservatives gonna fill up this glass for us.”

Progressives see big business as some evil robber baron sitting behind his desk with a fat cigar. He is looking to ravage the earth and cheat you out of your money. Never mind that these progressives think its fine for the government to dip into your pocket for fifty or sixty percent (Aren’t we even partners anymore?) If Exxon make nine percent that’s “windfall” profits and should be grabbed by the nice people in Washington D.C. You see the progressives think Mr. Robber Baron has a monopoly on oil, gasoline, drugs, and most other products. Forget that the rich pay ninety nine percent of all taxes in America. Don’t forget that to be “rich” in America today by progressive standers you only need to make $200,000 a year. I know that seems like a lot to most of us but when you are in that tax bracket in California and self employed; with sales tax you would pay close to seventy percent of your income to some branch of government. That would leave you with a whopping take home of $70,000 which is no fortune in California.

 Progressives don’t see that business is us! We are big oil and big pharma. We own these companies in our IRAs our 401Ks, in our state retirement funds and in out small portfolios.

They also don’t see that companies like Microsoft and Apple make much higher percentage profits and are sitting on billions in cash.  Of course, lots of progressives work in San Jose and Los Gatos so we don’t want to say anything about the profits they are making.

Now we see Barack screaming to the left labor base about the evil big business and NAFTA and CAFTA. He is howling about how all the jobs that used to pay for their homes and put hundreds of millions into the local tax base are now in China, India and Mexico. Apparently they are hoping that the labor class in America is so busy trying to patch together a living that will forget it was that great American progressive Bill Clinton who gave us NAFTA and Other trade agreements which are now killing the middle class along with the flood of cheap labor still coming into this country. Yet they defend the millions of illegal entrants in America who take jobs from drywall hangers, painters, plumbers, roofers and other skilled and unskilled workers who are unwilling to work for a wage that your high schooler would turn up his nose at.   

As a conservative I am all for fair and open markets but our trade with these third world nations is neither fair nor open. And yet both of our political parties continue to defend the export of our economy and the import of our labor force.

We cannot continue on this road until we are all fixing each other’s computers. An economy based totally on service is unsupportable. We need to make things, big things, like steel, tanks, guns and ships unless we want to ask the Chinese to make them for us while we our fighting their  other business partners like the Arabs and the North Koreans.


Progressive Myth Number 4  Guns are bad and kill people.

Can we agree that objects are neither good nor bad?  They simply are. A Bible isn’t a good book it’s just a book but what it inspires people to do is good. Any object can be used for good or for evil.

In the entire history of man never has an inanimate object jumped up and killed anyone. I am sure that at some time a rock has fallen off a cliff and killed someone but never has a knife jumped off the table and stabbed anyone with intent. So it follows that a gun has never killed anyone. People kill people and only when people are outlawed will that stop. The myth that guns either causes more murder or do not deter crime are two staples of the progressive attack on the second amendment.  Neither contention is borne out by any scientific study in fact the opposite is true. Many crimes are prevented or deterred by guns.

If you don’t believe this try this experiment. Put a sign in your yard that says, “I hate guns and don’t keep any in my home!” Any there takers? I didn’t think so and do you know why? Because deep down in their bleeding hearts progressives know that we gun owners keep the trash at bay.

Some people have this utopian view of the world that tells them if they get rid of guns people will all hold hands and sing Kumbaya and solve their problems by talking and going to anger management classes.

Here are the facts. There are a lot of people out there with little or no impulse control. Maybe it’s because their mommies didn’t hug them enough or maybe their fathers were drunks who smacked them around and that’s horrible but when he is kicking in my front door or trying to car jack me I really don’t care.  I just want to stop their behavior and in my experience asking nicely doesn’t work. A large weapon does!

I am also tired of the “hunter” argument. I don’t hunt. I don’t want to kill Bambi, skin her and have a venison burger on my deck. I want a gun for two reasons, to protect my home and to keep the government in line. Don’t get me wrong I don’t see myself as Rambo holding the entire U. S. Army at bay but an armed citizenry is a deterrent to tyranny. So the next time you see some moron like John Kerry out at a photo op in camos that still have the fold lines from the store in them and carrying a rifle that has never been fired realize that they have ever hunted is your vote.



Progressive Myth Number 5: Big Government is Good

Progressives love big government. They love the concept of the government doing everything for them. Educate and raise their children in government schools and day care, great! Government health care, free for everyone! Anyone who wants the Government to run health care has not spent enough time at the post office.

 Recently far left major whack job Maxine Waters even suggested that the Government should nationalize the oil industry. Wouldn’t that be grand, imagine those same highly educated, friendly, courteous folk who are going through your underwear at the airport pumping your gas. I am sure that would drive the price down. I imagine she has a picture of Hugo Chavez in her bedroom and dreams of them meeting at an OPEC conference.


Hey Uncle Sam, can you replace our houses when we get flooded our or blown away by a hurricane? Can you tell me what kind of car to drive, how much and what I can eat, what I can smoke and drink? Can you make sure that no one gets ahead of anyone for any reason or ever does anything that anyone one else might take offense to.

I am surprised that some Progressive hasn’t demanded the government give us free toilet paper and someone to come over and wipe our bottoms for us.

Have you ever noticed that civil servants today don’t seem to know the meaning of either one of those words?  No matter how bad the economy gets the government never has lay-offs.  Government workers (or should we just call them job holders) never have to take a pay cut or get hit up to pay a bigger portion of their own health care expenses. That government job holders get raises every year based on the cost of living even if they suck at their jobs. Even when the government get “shut down” because the Congress can’t agree on how much more of our money they should spend when the employees come back they get paid for the days they didn’t work.

The fact is that there is very little the government can do better that the private sector. Let’s take the post office as an example. When Fed-Ex cut into the Post office parcel business the post office came up with their overnight “Express Mail”. They undercut the price Fed-Ex was charging and yet Fed-ex continued to crush the post office for overnight delivery. Why is this? Several reasons, service and dependability for sure but more important was the fact that if you are unhappy with Fed-Ex they actually care. They will do what they can to make it right or give you a refund. Every try to get a refund from the post office?  I can hear you laughing.

The IRS is pretty good at getting our money but is totally unnecessary. If the government really wanted to go green they could eliminate the IRS and go to a VAT or sales tax. Think of all the gas we would save if all of those IRS employees all over the country were riding their bikes down to the unemployment office. Think of all the trees we could save by eliminating paper work of the IRS. 

Perhaps the only outfit in the government that does a reasonable job is the military. Despite the political interference from the left since Viet Nam they have managed to keep us free, but the Progressives are working on that.


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