The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; What I’d Like to Hear Tonight

 Well, as usual, the Republican Party has turned its back on its core values in the name of bipartisanship and had come up holding the end of the stick with the dog poop on it. This proves once again that when you stand in the middle of the road you usually get run down.  John McCain made a huge deal of going to Washington to show leadership and get the economy on track then hid under his desk of six days. Did you see him make any kind of policy statement in the whole time the Congress was deciding how much of our money to give to guys like Richard Fuld?

So now McCain and other Republicans like Elizabeth Dole are falling in the polls like Kimbo Slice towards the canvas. Instead of listening not only to their base but to the vast majority of Americans who would rather endure some hard times than donate to Wall Street they hopped on the bailout bandwagon which is a one way ticket to early retirement.

So now I am afraid that we conservatives are in for a long winter. The only ray of light is that if the Obama administration sticks to its plan it will be such an abysmal failure that it will usher in the next twenty year window of opportunity for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. That is if the conservative wing of the party can get control from the country club faction and find a new Ronald Reagan to run in 2012.

But, since I am a Cub fan I always hope for a miracle. It isn’t too late for McCain to pull this out but I think tonight is the last chance. Here is what he would have to do.

At the beginning of the town hall meeting he should make a statement that he has gone back through all of his campaign records for fifteen years and will return all donations made by any Wall Street firm, employee, or lobbyist to the U.S. Treasury to help cover the bailout he voted for. In addition he is urging all other politicians to do the same. Next he should assure the American people that job number one in a McCain administration will be to go after every executive of every institution which has cost citizens money and do everything in his power to recover money from these white collar criminals. Then he should urge all Wall Street executives to voluntarily give back some of their bonus money from the past few years. Finally he should give Obama an old fashioned verbal beat down


One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; What I’d Like to Hear Tonight

  1. sandysays1 says:

    Unfortunately, Big Mac has decided to go along with the give away program. And now the latest! The Fed just announced it’s buying commercial paper from major corps. This is ’cause they can’t get credit. What was the bailout for? The gates are open and the pigs inside. FOX NETWORK leads the way pimping for the next giveawy. See

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