The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; The Debate, Cole Porter was Right

I sat down to write about the big debate last night. The only thing I could think to say was that maybe John McCain had the best idea when he echoed the famous Cole Porter lyric, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”. I know we all have our favorites but let’s just talk to each other like human being for a moment and admit that nothing of any substance was said last night by either candidate. There was not one new idea, not one new stock answer, not one new slogan, no real positions taken on the big crisis, nada, nothing, zippo, goose egg, zilch, zero. I think I made my point. We saw an excellent public speaker speak well, we saw and expert on foreign policy recite the names of places and leader that would have made Condi say “uncle”. I felt sorry for Jim Lehrer, he reminded me of the half dozen marriage counselors I’ve been to trying to get the guys to talk to each other.

“Could you say that to John”
“Can you addresses that to Mr. Obama”

“I am trying to get you to talk to each other and not me.”

What was up with McCain not looking at Obama? It seemed a little rude to me. What was up with Obama trying to interrupt like a school kid with A.D. D. who was afraid he wouldn’t remember what he wanted to say in ten seconds?

The whole thing was a big snooze. Of course, afterwards all the spin miesters were in full blather claiming their guy had the better of it and giving their canned position statements. I thought one of the funniest things of the night was after the debate on Fox News they ran a sottoscrito that read, “Both Obama and McCain camps claim victory. There’s a shocker! In the history of debate has anyone ever admitted defeat? Didn’t think so.

That leaves us with next week’s debate between Palin and Biden. Let’s hope at least one of them has the decency to give us a laugh or gaff. Something! Anything but the boredom offered up on Friday night.


One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; The Debate, Cole Porter was Right

  1. merge divide says:

    I actually think that both candidates revealed themselves in the debate. Here’s my take:


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