The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Joltin’ Joe Gaffes Again

Congress is like a slick Vegas magician. While our attention is on its fiddling with the Wall Street mess they slip a quick 25 billion in welfare to the auto industry and hope nobody was noticing. That means this month’s bailouts are already over a hundred billion with a proposed 700 billion more to come. This is without looking down the road to bigger problems. If the Government is going to give away money I’d just as soon they do a giant lottery and make 800,000 instant millionaires out of people who filed a tax return last year. I’d even settle for $100,000 dollars in school choice vouchers for eight million inner city families. While everyone seems to think you can’t get credit just this week my mailbox was filled with four credit card offers, two refi come ons, several debt consolidation schemes and a home equity proposal.

Barack of course was right on top of the whole deal. He looked firmly into the cameras and let the America public know that if there was anything he could do he was just a phone call away. Mr. Obama was busy trying to memorize his stock answers and rehearsed adlibs for the debate in Mississippi. If McCain stays in Washington maybe PBS could borrow Larry King for a night and have him ask Barack about his kids like he did Ahmadinejad.

Not to be outdone, the Obama Campaign is doing a little misdirection of its own. All the while they and their minions are screaming for the Moron Media to give Sarah Palin a wedgie Joe Biden is banging his head against the wall and getting almost no coverage. Poor Joe is like the step child who has been sent to live in the basement, ignored and now acting out to try to get some attention. 

I’m not going to list Joe’s recent gaffes because I have a life to get back to and really don’t have the time. If any of my Enlightened Progressive friends out there have any intellectual honesty left they’ll admit if Governor Palin had committed any of these boners there would be a posse of east coast media elitists with torches and pitchforks gathering up feathers and heating the oil right now. 

In another of his grand illusions Obama is out screaming about how McCain has all these “evil lobbyists” running things at Camp Johnny at the same time his staff and advisors are packed with folks who ripped millions out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Of course they aren’t registered lobbyist so I guess they don’t count. I always love it when a politician says the other side is counting on the stupidity of the American people all the while they are waving shiny objects and hoping the people don’t notice the smoke and mirrors.


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