The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Help Me Fight Racism!


Yesterday Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius suggested that ugly racism is afoot in the Presidential race! She talked about, All the code language, all that doesn’t show up in the polls” and I am not exactly sure what she meant by that but I decided to look into recent elections and see if there was any evidence of racism. I have done some investigating what I have found is shocking! Shocking! I have discovered there is an organized effort to keep highly qualified African-American candidates out of office and I think as good citizens, regardless of political party, it is our duty to speak out.

This effort is back by millions of dollars donated by unsuspecting people. These dollars are then used to stop these minority candidates from reaching positions of power. I have found three recent examples where the organization in question, which is run largely by rich white Christian men, has run ads and done all in its power to keep African-Americans from office. In all three cases this racist group has backed and elected rich white, middle aged heterosexual men, two of whom were practicing Christians in place of these highly qualified Black men. Two of the candidates which were backed by this organization were also the sons of elected officials who had previously held high elected offices in their state after being backed by this odious organization. Don’t we all hate that good-old-boy crap?

The three men who were denied office by this group were Ken Blackwell of Ohio, Michael Steel of Maryland and Lynn Swann of Pennsylvania. The name of the racist organization is The Democrat Party! The sad part of this whole story is that these “Democrats” pretend to be open-minded about women and other minorities seeking office. They are so cynical that they will sometimes nominate a minority candidate for an election that they know they will lose so they can hide their nefarious purpose. Please help me stop these morons from doing any more harm to our country and vote against them and their operatives this November.


2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Help Me Fight Racism!

  1. Judy says:

    I think you need to get informed. It is not Democrats….It is not Republicans, it is the Bilderberg Society. They select and elect the President of the United States. How do you think a mediocre Arkansas Govenor became President? or a Peanut Farmer from Georgia? Anytime any thing is in the news that you disapprove of type that persons name in Google and type Bilderberg behind it…..The 300 elite….now go do you homework….Things are NOT CUT AND DRY If Bilderberg doesn’t want you they get rid of you…Examples…JFK, Sr and JFK, Jr…go to You Tube check out JFK, Jr Assassination one through eleven videos…

  2. jeffreyjena says:


    I have done my homework! I am sorry but how was JFK Jr. threat to the secret world order? He couldn’t even sell “George” magazine ads. He was a semi-slacker preppy living on the family trust.

    Here is a quote from a blog I wrote several months ago about the price of oil. There are plenty of “conspiracies” around, The Bilderbergs, the Trilaterals, the Internatioal Jewish Banking, The JFK, The We didn’t land on the moon, please…

    The reason we have had a succession of lackluster leaders in the White House(and please include the man I have nominated for greatest Democrat President ever George W. Bush) is because the general voter in America doesn’t know beans about politics, we vote our limited self interest and not the best interest of the country. If anyone is to blame for the lack of inteligence n America I nominate the NEA.

    “I know a there are a lot of conspiracy theories bouncing around about why the price of oil has shot through the roof. There are the Bilderberg kooks who think power mongers like the Duchess of Mallorca and the ex-mayor of Amsterdam are pulling the strings of an international cabal. Then there is another group who think the Bushes are hooked up with the house of Saud, of course they would have to have the permission of the Duchess to do anything. Then there are the ultra-green folks who think the whole thing is just a scam to drill in Alaska and off shore in California and Florida. I actually wouldn’t mind if Exxon came and drilled a well in my yard. It would mean we were closer to thumbing our noses at a whole bunch of folk and a lot less yard work for me.”

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