The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Poor Charlie


I will be losing some right wing wacko points for saying this but I feel sorry for Charlie Gibson. This guy scores the first sit down with Governor Palin and has to feel it is something of a coup but in fact it was a no win situation for him.

No matter what he did he was coming out a loser. If he would have come out and slapped Palin in the face, called her a lying whore and started running around the studio with an Obama/Biden sign there are people on the left who would have bemoaned his softball approach. He could have come out and washed her feet, fed her grapes and asked her what her favorite color is and some of my friend would have screamed about the liberal mainstream media.  So what’s a newsman to do?  Exactly what Gibson did, conduct a no nonsense, no gotcha question straight up interview that left all sides unhappy.

Meanwhile the Democrat lawyers are up north digging up more of Alaska that Exxon would in ANWAR looking for some dirt on the Governor.  What they are finding is pretty much nothing and even such liberal stalwarts like Mark Penn are crying foul. But here is the thing that really as the lawyers and the media befuddled; none of her friends seem to want to dish the dirt on Governor Palin. It’s one of those small town values that the jaded folks from the big cities just don’t get. They are used to living in communities where folks sell out their mothers for ten minutes on Oprah and a ride in a limo. They just don’t get that not everyone is willing to speak evil of a friend because CNN or ABC asks you to.

So they continue to side up with a heavy drinking ex-cop who may have tazed his own kid and a few angry democrats who see a brief spot on the evening news as their fifteen or a little revenge for that pet bill the Governor vetoed. So while the President has rating in the low 30’s and Congress in the low teens the media just doesn’t get why they are regarded right below pedophiles on the career respect scale.






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