The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Slap a Little Pig on That Lipstick Comment

There are two rules for making jokes. The first is that a joke isn’t funny until laughed at by a second person. Second is that a joke unintended is a joke none the less. Barack Obama is finding out today that the second rule can bite you in the gluteus maximus really hard. I think the fact there was a derogatory lipstick reference in both his and Biden’s public appearances yesterday is no coincidence. My own opinion is that both were intended as direct slaps at soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin. I say “soon to be” because that may end up being the Mike Dukakis in a tank moment of this election. I could be totally wrong about the intent of the reference but I have a hard time believing guys as smart as David Axelrod and Barack Obama didn’t see how it might be taken that way.

More important that Barack’s intent with the line is the way the audience in the hall and in the Midwestern battleground states took the joke. I admit he line was very funny in an edgy night club comic sort of way but Barack isn’t competing on Last Comic Standing. What every voter in those states heard was a guy who wants to be President of the United States calling a woman a pig. What he needs to do now is slap on a little lipstick and start kissing some behind. If he tries to defend this remark in any way what he can kiss is the goodbye to the election.

Barack’s line was funnier that anything Russell Brand had to say on Sunday at the MTV VMA awards.  Do you know the difference between Russell Brand and a pit bull? The pit bull has had some original thoughts.  Alleged comedian Russell Brand is the kind of guy who spends more time on his hairdo that anything else. On Sunday night the host of the MTV video awards show launched a lowlife and lowbrow attack on Sarah Palin and her family. This imported leftist is the kind of guy who thinks he is edgy when he takes on tough targets like Christianity and unsophisticated seventeen years old girls. It’s easy to come to the freest country in the world and spout your juvenile and puerile tripe. Show me some real backbone and go to Pakistan and criticize the Taliban or to Iran and ask the folks there to elect a leftist. 

Russell Brand isn’t the real bad guy here. He’s just a drug addled Marxist who would still be on the government dole back in the UK if not for some outstanding luck. The real culprit here is MTV its parent companies Viacom and CBS. I am all about free speech but I think that media companies should be held to account for the garbage they dump into the air just like other any other industry. So, my right wing nut job friends what are we to do? I think we should take a page from the playbook of the extreme left and start contacting the advertisers on all Viacom shows. Where we can hit then the hardest is at Nickelodeon, a kid’s network. The same company that pumps Russell Brand into your home is the same that turns around and sells you Dora and Sponge Bob. So drop an e-mail to one or two of their sponsors and let’s see if Viacom comes around.


2 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Slap a Little Pig on That Lipstick Comment

  1. Steve says:

    Obama was wrong to call Sarah Palin a pig. Pigs are known to be very intelligent animals.

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