The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Gustav Blows Up

 Hurricane Gustav blew through Louisiana yesterday and fortunately not too much damage was done. Most citizens got the hell out of there but of course there were still those who, governed by what I call the Elvis Factor, stayed behind. Few lives were lost and the levees seem to have held up pretty well. As always we got to see the same weather morons and Geraldo standing out in the rain and wind! Brilliant! As if we didn’t know what a hurricane was. Rain and wind? Really? Whoda thunk it!  

That didn’t stop some morons from trying to make political hay off the storm. Idiot and Chief for the far left kook fringe and serial liar Michael Moore said that the storm was proof of God’s existence. I watched the clip from Soros hit man Keith Obermann’s show several ties trying to figure out what if any logic was behind this conversation. I guess I should just settle for Mr. Moore admitting God exists and trusting that a compassionate God will bring him full circle to repent his sins some day. That, my friends, is faith!

Even though I am a far right wing nut job I always cringe when some ersatz preacher blames some horrific happening on God like Jerry Falwell saying AIDS was God’s punishment for gay people.  God takes a bad rap for a lot of things.

Same goes for folks who pray for God to bring down misfortune on those they don’t agree with. Some moron somewhere was praying for rain on Barack’s stadium speech. If it had rained we wouldn’t have gotten to see the miracle of a man speaking out of both sides of his mouth and his behind all at the same time.

If Michael Moore would have said that shortening any four day political commercial was a blessing to all people no matter what their political bent I could have agreed with him. That, of course would not be good for anybody because me agreeing with Michael Moore on anything is one of the signs of the apocalypse.



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