The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Above My Pay Grade


I watched the first and maybe the only showdown between Obama and McCain on Saturday. I actually watched it on Sunday after doing a gig and after hearing several things thought I had broken my twenty years of sobriety. I wasn’t drunk but Mr. Obama may well have been judging from his answers.

 I can understand his not wanting to take a stand on abortion. He has to do a dance that pleases his far left base and does not alienate centrists and right wing Christians who he is trying to win.  He cannot speak his mind on abortion and say what he believes, he has to dodge the question about when does a child deserve human rights. So he tried to be clever but that strategy is full of landmines. His non-answer of “That’s above my pay grade.” was the wrong thing to say.  

“Above my pay grade” is the government/military version of “That’s not my job.” I’m sorry, my enlighten progressive friends, but when you are getting ready to try to run the free world there is nothing above your pay grade. If there is then you are not the leader, so send us the person for whom answering tough questions is within their pay grade.

Does Mr. Obama really expect the American people to believe that he has no opinion on when a fetus is protected by the constitution? Doesn’t this guy make a big deal out of the fact he was the editor of the Harvard Law Review? There is no decent lawyer in American who isn’t up to date on this issue. Does he really have no opinion on when human life begins? No wonder he voted “present” so many times in the Illinois Senate.

Later when asked which Justice on the Supreme Court he would not have nominated he said the obvious, “Clarence Thomas.” Then instead of speaking what he really believes, that no real “Black Man” can be a conservative. That being a conservative excludes you from being a member of the African-American community because you’re just a lackey of the White man. Instead he has the absolute chutzpa to say the Thomas was unqualified because of his lack of experience!  I think the whole lack of experience thing is a subject he might want to play down.

One final comment on this evening, and this is not an opinion a lot of conservative share but can we let the questioning of the presidential candidates to the journalists. I admit I am not a big fan of any preacher who seems to be more interested in self aggrandizement and wealth than following the word of Jesus.  I know the arguments about all the good that Rick Warren does and how his books have inspired millions but those are the same things arguments that I have heard defending Rev, Wright and Louis Farrrakhan. There was a rich guy in the bible who he told Jesus about all the charity work he did and asked what else he could do and I believe the Lord said, “Give up all you have and follow me.” If you want a more secular authority Lenny Bruce put it this way, “No preacher should own two suits until everyone in his congregation owns at least one.”


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