The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; Takes a break for golf!

Writers Note: I have put politics on the back burner to indulge my passion of the greatest sport this week end. I’ll be back to my cranky ranting on Monday with a diatribe about what socialized medicine will be like


Alright, if you are not a golf fan you may want to hit the back button right now. Still here? This is the deal, I am a huge golf fan and to me this is the most sacred weekend of the year. In case you follow the Euro-weenies and their so called football, or the exploits of the all too predictable NBA, the United States Golf Association is putting on a drama in four acts down in San Diego called the U.S. Open.

This is the US Open week. The TV coverage is wall to wall plus Direct TV has an interactive set of channels so I am tied up pretty much all day through Sunday.

Some golfers see the Masters as the biggest week in golf and while I give the Masters props it is an invitational. The US Open is just that, open. Anyone with a set of clubs and a low enough handicap can give it a shot. Beside the Masters has a bit of tainted history with the past racism of the Augusta National Golf Club.

The British Open is awesome but they play on seaside links courses with little rough and few hazards. The British is a gentleman’s boxing match while the U.S. Open is mixed martial arts, a Toughman competition and a street brawl all rolled into one. Beside the British call their tournament “The Open” which always struck me as a bit stuck up. As if they were the only open championship in the world.

 This year the USGA has a huge hit on their hands. The script is the kind that Hollywood studios would reject as being too fantastic to be believed. It opens when an unknown player jumps out in front; the favorites lurk but are off the pace. Act two sees several ups and downs and the hero makes his move but near the end of the act he is behind and hurting and an old gun takes the lead for the first time in years.

Act three is totally crazy, one of the big names goes into total collapse with a score that would make a fifteen handicap curse, the old favorite hangs tough and another guy who many thought was all washed up comes out of nowhere. Our hero makes his move near the end of the act playing through pain and taking the lead.

Best of all there are still eighteen holes to go.


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