The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy June 11, 2008 Pope to canonize The Blessed Barack Obama

Pope Benedict the XVI has recommended that the Roman Catholic Church elevate the Blessed Barack Obama to sainthood and that he become the patron saint of the gullible

In order to be elevated to sainthood the church must find three miracles which can be attributed to the direct intercession of the proposed candidate. The pope has attributed the following three miracles to the future St. Barack

The first miracle; the dethroning of Bubba Bill as the First Black President and the banishment of the Clintons from the public servant Eden; Washington D.C. 

How does a lone black man from the south side of the Windy City, with just the help of one Chicago political fixer and a couple of radical clergymen go from being a 30,000 dollar a year “community organizer” to living in a multimillion dollar house and running for president in less than ten years time. The cynical non-beliver may think that it’s just another case of Chicago politics as usual but it runs much deeper.

Not only did the Blessed Barack manage to enrich himself but at the same time he dismissed the last little bit of legacy Bill Clinton had left. He did what The Vast Right Conspiracy and a Republican Congress could not do; he showed the far left in America what a phony their old standard bearer is.

At the same time Blessed Barack destroyed the future of the Clinton Dynasty by stopping what looked like the inevitable nomination of Hillary. Truly a miracle, all St. George did was slay a dragon.

The second miracle is always appearing in photos in a noble pose. I am sure at times he scratches his ass or even picks his nose but you will never see a photo of it.    

The third miracle is the revival of the Presidential campaign of John McCain. Here was a guy who was headed for exit and a career of Viagra ads and sessions on Jay Leno’s panel when he suddenly rises from the ashes like the Phoenix his city is named after and within three weeks wraps up the GOP nomination.  How was Barack involved? Some things are a mystery and God works in mysterious ways.


7 Responses to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy June 11, 2008 Pope to canonize The Blessed Barack Obama

  1. bwt says:

    Very witty. I am afraid that McCain is a broken vessel, in that sense he is the pefect fit to carry on Bush’s legacy. The only thing more frightening than Barack Obama is John McCain.

  2. jeffreyjena says:

    In a sense you are right, McCain is the third Democrat in the race, besides Iraq and abortion how is he different from Obama? Perhaps the best thing for THe VAst Right Wing Conspiray is to suck it up for four years under a far right regime and them welcome another era of neo-conseravativism like after the last leftie Jimmy C. Except for appointing judges who are harder to get rid of than unionized teachers there is no down side. Nothing he could do that could not be undone.
    What are you afraid of in a McCain presidency? That he would keep terror at bay? Not raise your taxes enough? Not allow enough amnesty for illegal pepoles? Nap once in awhile?

  3. bwt says:

    I guess you won’t be happy until we are a third-world country.

  4. jeffreyjena says:

    I guess I don’t undersatnd your comment. How will McCain lead us to being a third world nation? ( Please keep in mind that I will probably hold my nose and vote for him as there is no alternative but I am not a supporter)
    I understand how liberalism/socialism is already doing that, by allowing the cheapening of human life through abortion, the lowering of our standard of living by not controling out borders which allows disease and unregulated immigration into our nation, the lowering of the standard of our health care by allowing government functionaries to run health system. I understand how globalism and the adopting of anti-technology “green” policies will lower our industrial base and life style, but exactly how will McCain lesad us to third world status?

  5. bwt says:

    McCain will lead us to third world status by continuing the Bush Doctrine. They will attack Iran. Iran has nothing to do with terrorism, though McCain doesn’t know that Iran does not support al-Qaeda. Oil will go to 250 a barrel.
    What does that do to the middle-class. And about when he gives them illegals amnesty, which he will.

    Systematically, these Neo-Cons will destroy the middle-class. The sad part is that they are doing so claiming everything is for our own good, they are protecting us from terrorist.

    Do you think that McCain isn’t a globalist? Do you think that Bush isn’t a globalist? Isn’t Obama more of a globalist than McCain? Is your Republican Governor from California more of a globalist and environmentalist than Obama? I don’t know. There is not much difference. The big difference is on how much influence the hawks in the Pentagon, and the Saudi’s and oil companies have on them.

    We are being killed by the elites that George Bush and John McCain represent. It is intellectually dishonest to throw out the old liberalism/socialism line. I am not a liberal. Does it always have be such a dichotomy?

    This battle will be won or lost in the middle. Right now you guys are losing big time. Perspective and demographics.

    There is no point even arguing with someone who thinks that health care is the most important issue. We will attack Iran, and the Neo-Con idiots will go around talking about how they love Bush, they love Nascar, we just need to “kick their ass and steal their gas.” How did that work out in Iraq?

  6. jeffreyjena says:

    Could you define a few of the terms you used. What is the BUsh Doctrine? Where can I get a copy? Id it like the Monroe Doctrine? What is a Neo-Con?

    Next, do you really beieve that IRAN is not involved with terrorism? Maybe you mis- typed and meant Iraq.

    Why do the oil companies have an interest in continuing the war? Things would be better if business could go on undisturbed by war. Who are the “Oil Companies”? Please go back and read a few of my blogs on the mythology of progressivism.

    You say you are not a liberal, really? How do you define yoursef poliically?

    I hear a lot of liberals rantng about how the Iraqis need to step up and I agree, I think they need to pay us for the services we have provided, cash is nice, oil will do. And since you seem to be against our defending ourselves in the middle east I assume you are for drilling in ANWAR , off shore in CA and FL and turning our vast resources in coal and shale into oil, I agree with you there.

    Finally, in case you do not read my last posting to you carefully I am not a McCain fan and being a coservative and not a Republican find Bush II almost as big of a disappointment as Clinton. Yes McCain is a gobalist.

    Now for the big finish, you can run on emotion as long as you want but don’t wake up the day after the election and wonder how McCain won. This election is already over and the only people who don’t know it are the far left and the mainstrean media. Please go back and look at the press and media from 1972, it’s McGovern all over again.

  7. bwt says:

    I appreciate you engaging my comments. I really do. You know as well as I do what the Bush Doctrine is. It was created in think tanks before he was elected President. PNAC document goes a long way into defining it. We lost out after the fall of the Soviet Empire, and moving forward we must take advantage of our role as the only super-power to ensure our dominance moving into the 21st Century. We had the defining event that was discussed, 9/11, we had the bad guys–the foundation for CIA operations in the middle-east–al-Qaeda. A policy of encirclement of China and Russia. Are you telling me these things are not true. That goes a long way into defining the new conservative.

    Next, I did not say Iran was involved in terrorism. What I said was McCain said Iran was supporting al-Qaeda. Do you know the differnce between Sunni and Shia? Do you know that Iran and Iraq fought a bloody war over the diffences?

    Al-Qaeda is a word that is used in ignorance to define all Muslim extremists. It is far more complex. Iran is not in the terrorism business the way that we think of al-Qaeda. It is just fact. They are the bad guys for sure. But, there is a lot of ignorance on Iran. Are they fueling insurgency? That is another question. Fighting us in a proxy war? I don’t know, probably. If that is the case, say that. Don’t say they are helping al-Qaeda, because they are not. When Saddam invaded Kuwait Bin Laden offered the Taliban to fight to defend Saudia Arabia.

    It would be like someone lumping democrats and republicans in together. It is more complicated. The foreign policy Presidential candidate should know these things.

    As far as oil, asking me to define who the oil companies are is patronizing. You can read the articles on my blog about Richard Hass, Queen Beatrix (Royal Dutch Shell) and company at the Bilderberg saying two years ago they wanted to increase the price of oil to 200 a barrel. But, that is neither here nor there.

    I have never in my life voted for a Democrat. I have very conservative beliefs. There is a disconnect however, this administration was a turning point. I am not alone. There many like me. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I would have voted, perhaps, for Mitt Romney, even Huckabee had they won the nomination. But, McCain will never get my vote.

    Perhaps it is going to take a pendalum swing to get the world back in balance. We are in bad shape. We are standing on the edge of the precipice. THe storm is brewing with the surging oil prices, the devalued dollar, a war in Iran that will for sure spell the end of the relative tranquility we enjoy in our lives.

    These men will lead us to ruin. And the whole time they will be rocking the Lee Greenwood, talking about how much they love God and country. If they really loved God and country they would be figuring out a way to seal up our borders, strengthen our dollar, and fix the fractured relationships with our allies.

    Thank you for indulging me. You are a gentlemen and a scholar. I will continue to read your blog. We probably agree on more than we disagree with. THe fundamental difference is that I think anything is better than McCain.

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