The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy June 7, 2008 Hillary’s Speech


As I listened to Mrs. Clinton give her “big speech” I was struck by the low opinion she has of her country and its people. Mrs. Clinton and I are about the same age but I am not sure we grew up in the same country. When she was giving her support to Mr. Obama she sounded a little like Mrs. Obama when she made her comments about never having been proud of American until her husband ran for president. Mrs. Clinton decried the fact that in her American, before her no little girls dreamed of anything except being barefoot in the winter and pregnant in the summer. What an insult to her friend Geraldine Ferraro who ran on the national ticket with Walter Mondale. What an insult to Condoleezza Rice and a thousand other women besides herself who worked hard to achieve much.
I know I am just a far right wing nut but I have never thought of voting for against or against anyone because of gender or race. In my circle of friends we got past that a long time ago. Like when we backed Alan Keys for president, or Michael Steel for Governor in Maryland, or rooted for Clarence Thomas for Justice, or several other almost nominees for high office proposed for high office by Mr. Bush who were rejected out of hand by the left in America.

Maybe it was just an overvalued opinion of herself that I was hearing but my American left race and gender behind a long time ago. I believe she used the word “I” just a few less times than the letter “e”. I thought this speech was supposed to be about Obama.

She ended by saying she didn’t win because she was held down by the fabled glass ceiling. Glass ceiling? Really, was she rejected by the American far left because she is a woman? That’s right, remember she was rejected for office by the Democrat Party. Not us in The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, we had to hold our noses and watch while county club RHINOs in New Hampshire and other early states gave us John McCain. In the end The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy was not responsible for the final downfall the House of Clinton, it was the Move On.reds and the Daily Komizars of the far left who stabbed Ceasar-ette Clinton in the back. Her speech should have had a little “et tu Soros” in the text.  There were plenty of mistakes in her run for the big chair, her stupid big mouth husband, a bad campaign plan that didn’t see past Super Tuesday, claiming to have been fired upon in Serbia, and on and on.

Maybe if Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama for that matter, really wants to be on equal footing with all the guys in the “good old boy” network they need to learn the lesson a truly great Democrat taught us, no excuses when thing don’t go your way because, “The buck stops here.”



One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy June 7, 2008 Hillary’s Speech

  1. Lew B. says:

    I gotta say I’m having a good time reading these past posts. You were really spot-on in a lot of your assessments, as the future has shown us.

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