The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy June 6, 2008 Secret Meetings and Brawls



I am trying to figure out what was my favorite part of the big “secret” meeting between Barack and Hillary last night. The fact that everyone seemed to know it was happening or the fact that the folks on CNN and Fox News were so wrong about the details. It was fun watching then try to get the scoop on each other and just blathering nothing on the air, only the filler that Harry Carey gave during Cubs games could rival it.

Why all the clandestine movement about something you know is going to leak out anyway? My Dad used to say, “You know how many people know a secret? One!”  I thought it made both Hillary and Barack look foolish. I am thankful that they weren’t flashing Diane Feinstein’s mug all over the news, that’s a scary looking woman. She is the only person Joan Rivers can point to and say, “At least my plastic surgery wasn’t that bad.”

I thought it also made Obama look weak. This is the thing that Mr. Obama doesn’t understand; when you are the top dog you make people come to you. If Hillary wants something like a plank in the party platform or four years free rent at the old Naval Observatory she should slide on down to the Windy City and look you up.

I hope this isn’t a preview into his meetings with all of our enemies he has said he is going to be having. Maybe he’ll sneak down to Venezuela or over to Iran and ask if they would like to be our friends at

I love baseball. It is my favorite spectator sport. Sorry, I hate to jump to a new subject without the smooth segue but I would go to see the two last place teams play on the last day of the season. There is a trend in baseball that is bothering me. As a true conservative I see socialist soccer hooliganism seeping into the American pastime. Whenever a player feels he has been thrown at he rushes the mound and a big brouhaha breaks out.  The brush back is part of baseball. If you don’t like it take up bowling! Fighting is not part of baseball, if you want to brawl, learn to ice skate.

I thought the big dust up between the Red Sox and Tampa Bay was disgraceful. Bud Selig needs to jump in and end this now. Two simple rules, any batter who rushes the mound is suspended for ten games, any pitcher who intentionally hits a batter, ten starts, not ten games but ten starts.

There was another incident recently where a high school catcher didn’t like the calls an umpire was giving his team so he intentionally let a pitch hit the guy. A college which had been considering a scholarship withdrew its offer. I say great! Why would you want that kind of poor sport on your campus? I have heard it said that sports don’t build character, they reveal it and this guy has been shown to be lacking. I guarantee this guy acts the same way in other areas of his life. I was playing in a charity golf outing in California a few years back. I was playing as a “Celebrity” because apparently they had run out of real celebrities. I was assigned to play with a group sponsored by a woman who in the first ten minutes after we had met told me her net worth. On the second green our team had a putt for birdie, we all missed but had purchased mulligans and she took several more tries to make the putt after saying, “If I make this we will use one of our mulligans.” That’s not the way it works and I privately told her so.  I told her as the official score keeper I was making off three of our mulligans. After several more incidents I just refused to sign the scorecard at the end. I won’t get into the hell this woman raised next but I wasn’t invited back again. I was sure that in her business this woman would not hesitate to cut corners if it helped her.

Let’s keep baseball and golf “gentleman’s” games and leave the fighting to the Euro-trash and NHL.


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