The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy The Democrat Race; Over but not Done

 NOTE: this blog was written on June 3rd, before HIllary announced she was “suspending” her campaign. A suspended campaign still retains it delegates and can raise money. I stand by my theory.


Hillary Clinton may have something up her sleeve, an ace in the cuff of her pantsuit or a voodoo doll of Barack Obama somewhere with a pin cushion nearby. Although she is out of states to win and the super delegates are doing exactly what they were invented not to do, vote for an ultra liberal with no chance of winning, she has not quit the presidential race. There is a lot of speculation as to why she is still “running”.

Some say she is waiting for Obama to offer her the number two spot but I don’t think so. Hillary Clinton is not the type of woman who wants to be number two. She has done it for years and years with the promise from her serial liar/philanderer husband that her turn would come. Now her turn has gone to another man, behind closed doors she is feeling more left out than Rosie O’Donnell at a talent competition. The last thing she wants is to play second fiddle to another guy. Frankly, I think she is fed up to here with her husband too. I have said before that you can make the case that he was either consciously or unconsciously subverting her run for the White House. She wants the stage to herself and who can blame her. She said long ago she was no Tammy Wynette and yet she has been standing by her man for years.

Some say she is waiting for the doo doo to hit the fan and splatter all over Obama. That may be but the real winner of that scenario would be the other Democrat, John McCain.

So why is Hillary hanging tough. I have another theory that is much more Clintonian, money. Hillary has “loaned” her campaign over thirty million dollars by my count from reports I have read and even to a major sell out like Bill Clinton that’s a lot of cash. If she says she is out o the race she can’t raise and more money to pay herself back. No more for her to plug for donations. Hillary will hang in until she gets her money back. 

My other question for the day is would all the joy and admiration being expressed by the left and traditional media over the nomination of the first black presidential candidate of a major party be as overwhelming if the candidate was a conservative like Clarence Thomas? Just asking.    


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