The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Classic, on “Taking Responsibility”

First Posted on my personal blog at on May 8th, 2008


The Attorney General of the State of Ohio, Mark Dann is in a heap of stink. It seen our AG has been cheating on his wife and living a kind of rock star lifestyle since being elected to be the top lawman in the state. Several of his posse have already resigned or been fired for having sex and booze parties at the AG’s apartment and now he is taking heavy fire.

In a move I have written about before he has stepped up and taken, “personal responsibility” for his actions. I would just like one reporter to ask any of those scumbag CEO’s, politicians, and assorted others who run to this position to explain exactly what that means.

Does it mean you were the one who committed the acts and you are now ready to face the consequences? Does it mean that these acts were committed by those who you are supervising and since you did not or were not able to do your job you are stepping down?

Generally speaking it means; “I have been caught and there is so much evidence against me that only the feeble of mind would buy my defense, so I admit I did it, so can we now forget about it?

Also Hillary Clinton has announced a new economic stimulus package.  She has used over twenty million dollars of her and Bill’s own graft money to create jobs, buy advertisements and generally try to raise the economy by pouring the money into her hopeless campaign and is now encouraging all politicians to take twenty percent of their graft and slush funds and get out there and spend it to get the American economy out of the doldrums.

“Think of the billions that would flow into making the dollar stronger if all politicians at all levels would just push twenty percent of their personal graft into the pockets of the voters who they stole it from.” said Mrs. Clinton.


 Meanwhile, the Clintons are rumored to be spending millions more investigating Barrack Obama and have posted a five million dollar reward for any embarrassing photos, tapes or memos.

I take personal responsibility for any confusion caused by this posting


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