The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: President Scumbag calls reporter Scumbag.

The monthly meeting of our local chapter of The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is coming up next week and I am the chairperson. Since it seems more and more likely that even the Clintons aren’t going to be able to stop the Obama wave sweeping the left wing of the Democrat Party we have to make a plan to stop the Obamamaniacs. Since the Reverends Wright and Pfleger, who were operatives of both the Clinton camp and the VRWC have already been exposed and done little to damage Obama’s gawd-like cult of personality, we need to think of some new dirt to fling at him. All I can tell you now is that we have someone on the inside of his campaign.

Perhaps the most interesting thing that has happened is the last few days was when former President and current womanizer Bill Clinton called a reporter for Vanity Fair magazine a scumbag. Perhaps this falls into the category of “it takes one to know one” or maybe it’s just the old Clinton technique of starting a war to deflect attention from his sexual dalliances.  It seem this reporter had the nerve to write the truth about Bill and his personal campaign to deliver Hillary’s message to as many woman as possible by direct injection. I wonder if at some point we will get to see him wag his finger at us and deny he has had sex with anyone other than his wife.

Truly, the saddest thing about the end of the Clinton campaign is that it will put a hurt on Mr. Clinton’s attempt to break Wilt Chamberlain’s claimed record of 20,000 “girlfriends”. The second saddest is that we will never get a full report on his activities since he has left the White House. If the paparazzi were really doing their job they would bird tail him instead of Ms. Spears and get us some pictures. 

The last question to be answered is how long will the Clinton marriage last after Hillary is defeated. I am putting the over under at six months. She will have to unload him soon so the divorce does not interfere with her next Senate campaign.

See you down at the Gun Rack for the meeting next week.




One Response to The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: President Scumbag calls reporter Scumbag.

  1. chunque says:

    It definitely takes one to know one!

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