Progressive Myth Number 5: Big Government is Good

Progressives love big government. They love the concept of the government doing everything for them. Educate and raise their children in government schools and day care, great! Government health care, free for everyone! Anyone who wants the Government to run health care has not spent enough time at the post office.

 Recently far left major whack job Maxine Waters even suggested that the Government should nationalize the oil industry. Wouldn’t that be grand, imagine those same highly educated, friendly, courteous folk who are going through your underwear at the airport pumping your gas. I am sure that would drive the price down. I imagine she has a picture of Hugo Chavez in her bedroom and dreams of them meeting at an OPEC conference.


Hey Uncle Sam, can you replace our houses when we get flooded our or blown away by a hurricane? Can you tell me what kind of car to drive, how much and what I can eat, what I can smoke and drink? Can you make sure that no one gets ahead of anyone for any reason or ever does anything that anyone one else might take offense to.

I am surprised that some Progressive hasn’t demanded the government give us free toilet paper and someone to come over and wipe our bottoms for us.

Have you ever noticed that civil servants today don’t seem to know the meaning of either one of those words?  No matter how bad the economy gets the government never has lay-offs.  Government workers (or should we just call them job holders) never have to take a pay cut or get hit up to pay a bigger portion of their own health care expenses. That government job holders get raises every year based on the cost of living even if they suck at their jobs. Even when the government get “shut down” because the Congress can’t agree on how much more of our money they should spend when the employees come back they get paid for the days they didn’t work.

The fact is that there is very little the government can do better that the private sector. Let’s take the post office as an example. When Fed-Ex cut into the Post office parcel business the post office came up with their overnight “Express Mail”. They undercut the price Fed-Ex was charging and yet Fed-ex continued to crush the post office for overnight delivery. Why is this? Several reasons, service and dependability for sure but more important was the fact that if you are unhappy with Fed-Ex they actually care. They will do what they can to make it right or give you a refund. Every try to get a refund from the post office?  I can hear you laughing.

The IRS is pretty good at getting our money but is totally unnecessary. If the government really wanted to go green they could eliminate the IRS and go to a VAT or sales tax. Think of all the gas we would save if all of those IRS employees all over the country were riding their bikes down to the unemployment office. Think of all the trees we could save by eliminating paper work of the IRS.  

Perhaps the only outfit in the government that does a reasonable job is the military. Despite the political interference from the left since Viet Nam they have managed to keep us free, but the Progressives are working on that.


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