The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Who’s got your back?



Scott McClellan has gone off the reservation and spilled what he knew about the inner workings of the Bush White House. I am sure Progressives all over the country are gleefully rubbing their hands together and salivating over the juicy details. Before we all get too high from smelling the stench of treachery let’s consider a more important question. A question of what we value as in other human beings we work with and are friends with.

For me, it’s trustworthiness and loyalty. Those two things are paramount in all relationships but especially in politics. I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said, “We had better hang together or surely we will hang separately.” That used to be the American standard in friendship. Loose lips sink ships. Think of all the people who knew that Franklin Roosevelt was a cripple or that Jack Kennedy had a few flings.  Did any of them sell out the boss for a book deal with Judith Reagan?

There is an old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto riding west across the plains and all of a sudden hundreds of Indians spring up in front of them. The Lone Ranger asks his faithful companion what to do and Tonto says, “We ride back East.”  As they ride east the same thing happens and again the Lone Ranger asks Tonto what to do.  Tonto says, “We ride north.” So they ride north and soon they are surrounded and the Lone Ranger asks Tonto, “What do we do now?” To which Tonto replies, “What do you mean “we”, white man!”

Maybe McClellan rationalizes his backstabbing as something noble. Maybe he sees himself as the John Dean or Daniel Ellsberg of the Bush Administration. I am sure he doesn’t see himself for the scumbag he is. I think when you take a position of trust you should be banned for at least ten years from profiting on the knowledge you gained by being let into the big room. Our CIA agents are never allowed to talk.

  If the Bush administration was the movie “Spartacus” while all the other slaves were standing up and saying “I am Spartacus!”  Scott McClellan would be the guy who jumps up and says, “He’s Spartacus! That guy in the loin cloth over there, he’s the one you’re looking for.”

So my progressive friends enjoy reading this trash by a guy who sold out his friends and those who put their trust in him. But remember when you’re back to back with a guy fighting your way out of something awful you don’t want to have to be turning around to see if the guy you put your faith in is still back there. I know a lot of progressive idolize what they euphemistically call “whistleblowers” but if I am in a tough situation I would rather be back to back with G. Gordon Liddy.



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