The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Memorial Day 2008



I am going to take a break from my usual railing against Obama worship, Hillary fawning, creeping socialism, creepy Marxist and other assorted misguided types and focus on the greatest Americans, those who serve.

Even though this is Memorial Day and not Veteran’s Day I hope that today as we relax in our homes, picnic on our decks, swim, and golf and generally goof off I want to take a minute and think about the brave troops who are hunkered down in Afghanistan and Iraq. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about these two wars is how little they actually affect the average Joe here in the land of the free. We don’t want for any goods, we don’t sacrifice any activity. Our movements are in no way restricted.

While hundreds of thousands of our best young people spend this holiday thousands of miles from home our lives go on seamlessly. While we give up nothing some give all.

I took my son to the parade today and we ended up at our local veteran’s cemetery. While I looked at the crosses and stars of David I thought of the line from CSN: “find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground.”

If you happen to see a veteran or a young man or woman in a uniform let them know how much we appreciate their sacrifice while we remember those who gave their lives so we can live so comfortably.  


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