Progressive Myth Number Three

Myth number 3 Big Business is Evil

The progressive economic philosophy is Socialism/Marxism warmed over with the concession that you may own property unless the government needs it for a freeway or a rich donor needs it for a high rise. It should come as no surprise that myth number three is that big business is evil.

How dare some people get ahead of others by working hard! You see the basic difference between Progressives and Conservatives can be seen in the old half a glass of water metaphor. A conservative looks at the glass and says, “There is a half a glass of water, maybe I could buy it, work hard and soon I could have a full glass for myself and my family.” A progressive sees the same glass and says “When are you greedy, evil, SUV driving, gun nut conservatives gonna fill up this glass for us.”

Progressives see big business as some evil robber baron sitting behind his desk with a fat cigar. He is looking to ravage the earth and cheat you out of your money. Never mind that these progressives think its fine for the government to dip into your pocket for fifty or sixty percent (Aren’t we even partners anymore?) If Exxon make nine percent that’s “windfall” profits and should be grabbed by the nice people in Washington D.C. You see the progressives think Mr. Robber Baron has a monopoly on oil, gasoline, drugs, and most other products. Forget that the rich pay ninety nine percent of all taxes in America. Don’t forget that to be “rich” in America today by progressive standers you only need to make $200,000 a year. I know that seems like a lot to most of us but when you are in that tax bracket in California and self employed; with sales tax you would pay close to seventy percent of your income to some branch of government. That would leave you with a whopping take home of $70,000 which is no fortune in California.

 Progressives don’t see that big business is us! We are big oil and big pharma. We own these companies in our IRAs our 401Ks, in our state retirement funds and in out small portfolios. We work there and often have profit sharing plans.

They also don’t see that companies like Microsoft and Apple make much higher percentage profits and are sitting on billions in cash.  Of course, lots of progressives work in San Jose and Los Gatos so we don’t want to say anything about the profits they are making.

Now we see Barrack and Hillary screaming to their labor base about the evil big business and NAFTA and CAFTA. They are howling about how all the jobs that used to pay for their homes and put hundreds of millions into the local tax base are now in China, India and Mexico. Apparently they are hoping that the labor class in America is so busy trying to patch together a living that will forget it was that great American progressive Bill Clinton who gave us NAFTA and Other trade agreements which are now killing the middle class along with the flood of cheap labor still coming into this country. Yet they defend the millions of illegal entrants in America who take jobs from drywall hangers, painters, plumbers, roofers and other skilled and unskilled workers who are unwilling to work for a wage that your high schooler would turn up his nose at.   

As a conservative I am all for fair and open markets but our trade with these third world nations is neither fair nor open. And yet both of our political parties continue to defend the export of our economy and the import of our labor force.

We cannot continue on this road until we are all fixing each other’s computers. An economy based totally on service is unsupportable. We need to make things, big things, like steel, tanks, guns and ships unless we want to ask the Chinese to make them for us while we our fighting their  other business partners like the Arabs and the North Koreans.


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