Progressive Myth Number 2 All cultures are equal


Progressives can’t see that being tolerant and recognizing that some things are better than others are two different things, even though they would never be seen in a domestic car or drinking a Bud. Progressives like to belittle all things western and elevate all things from any other culture. They believe in the myth that tolerance means equality. Progressives see every culture that exists or ever has existed as being of equal value.

The fact the culture of Western Europe from the Middle Ages until the late nineteenth century was responsible for most of the advances of modern human civilization and that these advances have been adopted by most cultures around the world drives progressive folks nuts. It goes against one of their basic myths that all cultures are equal in all ways.

I took a field trip to an old American Indian village with my son and his grade school class. Our “guide” through the old settlement was constantly telling the kids how great and advanced the culture was in this area when the village was active between six and eight hundred years ago. This was a subsistence farming and hunting community of semi-nomadic people who buried their food in the ground to preserve it. After awhile I asked if this village was active at the same time folks in Europe were writing the Magna Carta, building Notre Dame, exploring the world and developing the science, mathematics, literature, philosophy and technology that was the groundwork for all of modern civilization. Our guide gave me a long sigh and said that the contributions of the Native peoples were still used today. I asked her which ones they were and she talked about the value of the art. Would you rather have a beaded belt or a painting by Michelangelo?  Exactly! The other thing that Europeans figured out was that plumbing was important. Modern sanitary systems have saved more lives than all the doctors in all of history. Your extended life span is due more to your plumber that to your cardiologist.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the resourcefulness of the early American tribes but I like my microwave oven and central air. I like flying from coast to coast in a few hours in the relative comfort and safety of a modern jet. The Europeans figured out how to move up the Maslowian Pyramid into self actualization while many cultures were still trying to figure out how to keep deadly animals away from their kids. I am also tolerant of any moron who would like to go live in a tent in the woods and eat berries and rabbits.  Knock yourself out.  


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