Progressive Mythology

Progressive Mythology

Progressive politics, which used to be known as liberalism in American until Liberals thought the general public would be fooled by changing the name for creeping socialism, is built on a mythology.  Thes myth are belived by progresives and have become their religion. I will explore them in future posts. Today we start the the greatest myth and the one that underlies all others. 

Progressive Myth Number 1        You are stupid.

The key to all progressive mythology is that you are stupid! It is the underlying granddaddy whopper on which all other progressive mythology is based. You are so stupid you poor ignorant and unenlightened soul. Do not despair! The progressives are here and they know what’s best for you.  They are smarter that you, the ignorant masses of drones. They can help you, especially with your kids who you are obviously much too stupid to raise by yourself.

            The roots of this progressive myth are in the early sixties when the Surgeon General first issued his report on smoking. Because of the progressive belief that you are stupid and could not understand this report progressives, still known as liberals at that time, passed a law to put a warning on cigarettes. The number of people who smoked dropped after the report and the progressives, driven by their belief in their mythology assumed it was because of the warning label on cigarettes. In my entire life I have never know anyone to pick up a pack of cigarettes read the warning and run away screaming. Could smoking rates have dropped because people became aware of the dangers and decided to quit on their own? According to progressive mythology this is not possible. So they took the next step, they banned cigarette ads on TV. Still, some people smoked so the progressives figured they had not stooped low enough for the stupidest Americans to understand the dangers. They invented a sub-mythology of second hand smoke and claimed millions died every year.  With this additional mythology they started banning smoking in restaurants, then bars, then everywhere, even outdoor stadiums.  

Now there is an assault on freedom of choice, strangely enough being propagated by the political wing in America which claims to be pro-choice.  Progressives are only pro-choice when it comes to abortion. When it comes to your ability to choose your kids schools they prefer Government enforced conformity. Witness the recent lawsuits against homeschoolers in California. They are against freedom of choice when it comes to food choices. Witness the recent laws passed in many cities banning various trans-fat foods. They are against your choice in cars and homes. Witness recent progressive-backed movements to economically punish people who want to drive SUVs or live in large homes.  

So the myth of stupidity has grown. Progressives believe you are too stupid to know what is good to eat or drive. That you cannot possibly even begin to comprehend what should go on in Government Schools or have any idea of what your children should be exposed to so leave that to the progressives and all will be well.


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